Reddit user Arrogant Beggar has released That Guitar, a royalty-free electric guitar sample pack inspired by the sounds of lo-fi hip-hop music.

That Guitar is a simple no-frills electric guitar sample pack in WAV format. It contains 76 guitar samples in total, offered in four different variations per sample (DI, Amped, Lo-Fi, and WTF). As for the samples, they are sorted into three categories by type (Chords, Licks, and Progressions). The chord samples are labeled with chord name, whereas the licks and progressions also feature BPM info for easy integration into a project.

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Inspired by the popular lo-fi hip-hop genre that is all over YouTube nowadays, the pack delivers moody guitar chords and licks bursting with melancholy. The recorded sounds are simple but effective in capturing that mellow mood which is pretty much the trademark of lo-fi hip-hop tunes. You’ll definitely want to pair these with some fine vinyl samples, a dusty drum loop, some rain sounds, and your favorite old movie quote for maximum effect.

The recording quality is quite decent and definitely more than good enough for lo-fi hip-hop. Chances are you’ll probably pass these samples through a bunch of effects anyway. My favorite part of the pack are the DI (direct input) recordings, although the author has also provided a set of pre-processed sounds which are already enhanced with virtual guitar amps and other effects. Of course, these samples aren’t meant for use in lo-fi hip-hop only. They could work quite well in a variety of music styles, as well as a great audio source for sound design fun in a sampler or a granular synthesizer.

The sample pack is hosted on Dropbox and is royalty-free. It only includes the WAV samples without additional sampler patches and alternative audio formats.

That Guitar is available for free download via Reddit (126 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 76 guitar samples in 24-bit WAV format).

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