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Vinyl Noise SFX – Free Vinyl Noise Sound Effects Collection By Chia (WAV)


Vinyl noise sound effects by Chia!

99Sounds has released Vinyl Noise SFX, a free collection of vinyl noise and crackle sound effects created by Oregon based DJ and producer Matoto, aka Chia.

Chia has recorded 37 different vinyl noise samples with his Numark TTUSB turntable, using Numark GrooveTool as the stylus. The samples were recorded from different types of vinyl records, including various 7″ records from the 1980s along with a couple of modern 12″ dance records.

All included samples are provided in 16-bit WAV format, with additional SFZ and NKI mappings for use with NI Kontakt 5. The provided SFZ mappings can be loaded in freeware samplers such as Zampler or sforzando.

These vinyl samples work great for layering on top of other sounds. For example, if you have a clean piano melody which you’d like to make more vintage sounding, simply layer a bit of vinyl crackle underneath it and remove some of the higher frequencies with an equalizer. With a bit of clever use of EQ and saturation, you’ll easily transform your clean recording into a nice and warm lo-fi sounding piano melody.

The download page linked below also features an interesting in-depth interview with Vinyl Noise SFX author Chia, who describes how he approached this project and which tools he used to sample the records. It’s good to know that the included samples are completely unprocessed, so you’re getting a neat collection of raw sounds which you can tweak any way you like in order to fit them perfectly into your project.

Audio Demo

Check out the Vinyl Noise SFX audio demo:


Vinyl Noise SFX is available for free download via 99Sounds (39.8 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 37 vinyl samples in 16-bit WAV format).

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