Accusonus ERA 4 “Buy 1 – Get 1 FREE” Sale (3 Days Left)


Accusonus is running a Buy 1 – Get Another 1 For FREE deal on the ERA 4  audio repair plugin bundle until July 31st, 2020.

Plug-in innovator Accusonus specializes in creating some of the easiest-to-use software in the audio post-production world. They are currently offering a buy one, get one free deal on their unique Audio Repair product lineup. Running until July 31st, when you purchase any ERA 4 plugin (excluding De-Esser Pro and ERA-D), you’ll get another at no cost.

The ERA 4 lineup could not be easier to use. Each interface features a single control knob so that even those with little or no audio production training can speed up their workflow, repairing their audio seamlessly.

As a professional, you deal with impossible deadlines. Our smart tools will help you save tons of studio time by doing most of the work for you. Get access to the fastest audio repair technology.

Every ERA 4 audio tool comes in the VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats so they can be used in virtually every digital audio workstation and the majority of non-linear video editors (NLEs) like Adobe Premiere, Media Composer, Resolve, Magix Vegas, and Final Cut.

Let’s take a closer look at the ERA 4 product range from Accusonus.

Noise Remover

Background noise is a widespread problem and can ruin an otherwise perfect sound capture. With this plugin, you can remove everything from wind noise to computer fans and other unwanted ambiances like AC hum and various electronics.

Reverb Remover

Sometimes the audio is recorded in a less than ideal environment. This plugin can take away the ugly reflections and ambiances from takes so that only the parts of the sound you actually want to keep.

Voice Leveler

Why spend tedious time carefully automating vocals and dialogue when you can use a plugin to do it for you? This application balances gain differences between different parts of the audio, smoothing them out.


Sibilance can be a devastating issue that can take a lot of time to correct, and a de-esser can help eliminate this quickly and easily. The ERA 4 de-esser by Accusonus is easy to use, delivering excellent results.

Plosive Remover

Plosives can come from a number of things like microphone proximity and wind noise. With this plugin, you can remove unwanted P’s and B’s that pop out.


Clipping used to be a death sentence for audio, but this application automatically detects said clipping in recordings and adjusts the threshold so that nothing goes over the limit.

Buy 1 – Get 1 FREE Sale

The sale covers all Accusonus Era 4 products, except ERA 4 De-Esser Pro and ERA-D. Here’s how to apply the deal to your order:

  1. Add any eligible ERA 4 plugin to your shopping cart;
  2. Click the “Back to Store” link;
  3. Add another eligible ERA 4 plugin to the cart;
  4. The discount is automatically applied to your order.


The offer ends on July 31st, 2020. This article features an affiliate link and BPB will earn a portion of each sale.

More info: Accusonus Store (buy one ERA 4 plugin and get another one at no extra charge throughout July)

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