FREE Video Creator Bundle – VST Plugins, Video Transitions, SFX!


Accusonus has launched the Video Creator Bundle, a completely free collection of VST plugins, video transitions, animation tools, and royalty-free sound effects made in collaboration with BorisFX, Film Impact, and Music Radio Creative.

Video Creator Bundle is a freely downloadable collection of tools for audio and video creators. You will find two free VST plugins from the ERA 4 Bundle by Accusonus, a titling and animation plug-in by BorisFX, a free collection of video transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro, and a set of sound effects for use in video and music projects.

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Here’s the full breakdown of the Video Creator Bundle contents:

  • ERA 4 De-Esser and ERA 4 Voice Leveler plugins by Accusonus (audio plugins)
  • Continuum Title Studio by Boris FX (next-gen 3D titling and animation plug-in)
  • Essentials Collection by Film Impact (twelve video transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Youtuber Starter Kit by Music Radio Creative (50 royalty-free sound effects and music beds)
  • Royalty-Free Music Beds Vol.1 by Music Radio Creative (37 music beds)
  • The Content Creator SFX Cellar by Accusonus (free sound effects)

If you’re a music producer or if you need to edit audio for a podcast, the VST plugins and sound effects included in the bundle are well-worth signing up. That said, if you’re also a video editor or a YouTube content creator, then this free offer from Accusonus is a must-have. It provides an essential set of tools for enhancing the audio quality of your video clips and for adding some production flare with animations and high-quality transitions. For more creative tools, check out our list of free music production software.

To download your free copy of the Video Creator Bundle, visit the product page on the Accusonus website and enter your email address. You will receive an email containing detailed instructions on how to download and activate each item. An Accusonus user account will be created automatically. Log in to your account and open the Product Keys page to find your ERA 4 Voice Leveler and ERA 4 De-Esser license details. The offer ends on May 18th, 2020.

More info: Video Creator Bundle (free until May 18th)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • Yeah I suppose it momentarily bothered me too (although I was and still am extremely happy with the plugin that I paid for), but this video bundle also has the ERA 4 De-Esser which is well worth the download IMO!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      That’s quite a bummer. The two deals have launched at roughly the same time. I have now added a notification to the Plugin Boutique article.

  1. Michal Ochedowski


    Has anyone actually managed to log in and proceed with the order ? I can log in to my regular Accusonus account, but when I try to use the same credentials for Video Creator Bundle, my password is not recognized. Reset it twice and stil no luck. Perhaps developer will write back to my query.

    • if you click on the link after
      ” More info: Video Creator Bundle (free until May 18th”)”
      at the end of the article it”ll bring you to the page for the Download. there it”ll have email and password filled out and you click on “Get The Bundle”

      • Michal Ochedowski


        Thank you TROY. I already managed to do that yesterday. I had to change my password three times and it finally got accepted by the website. However I didn’t receive any email with download links afterwards, which was suppose to happen. I’m in contact with a customer service representative. Perhaps they will resolve this issue. That’s definitely the longest ever, that I’ve tried to get a hold of free software.

        • I’m having the same exact problem. I entered my information, but I didn’t get an email. Any updates on this issue?

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