Free To Use Sounds will be releasing a freely downloadable (pay what you want) sound library every day until October 12th, 2020.

Two libraries are already available for free download from the Free To Use Sounds page on Bandcamp. You can enter zero as the amount to download for free or enter any other value to make a donation.

The first library is called Tennis Indoor Court Sound Effects and, unsurprisingly, it features tennis sounds that were captured at an indoor court. Fun fact: these recordings were made a few days ago while yours truly played a quick game of tennis with Marcel of Free To Use Sounds. Our little tennis match finished as a draw, but the sound effects Marcel recorded are an absolute win.

I absolutely love the sound of a racket hitting a tennis ball, and it sounds even better with plenty of reverb. That’s exactly what you’ll hear in these recordings since we played in a massive indoor space with four tennis courts. There’s natural reverb for days.

Of course, these field recordings will work great as background noise in a movie or something. But another interesting thing to try is to cut out the racket sounds and use them as percussion in a drum beat. Or, use those sounds as a natural reverb layer placed on top of a snare drum.

The second library is called Ferry Harbors Croatia, and it features the sounds of harbors and various ferries that operate the Adriatic coastline. There are tons of interesting sounds in this one, including the sounds of cars boarding the ferry, the passengers’ chatter, harbor ambiance, and more.

We have something very exciting to share with you! It was time to express our gratitude and give 7 days of free sounds! That’s right – for the next few days, we’ll be providing high-quality royalty-free sound libraries on our Bandcamp account for you to download at no cost.

As most of you already know, Free To Use Sounds offers a special discount code for Bedroom Producers Blog readers. You can use the code bedroomproducer on this page to pay only $16 and get the entire Free To Use Sounds catalog. That’s over 550 GB of royalty-free field recordings and sound effects.

Here’s more info about the offer: EXCLUSIVE DEAL: Get 550+ GB Of Royalty-Free Sounds For $16!

All recordings and sound effects available via Free To Use Sounds are available for royalty-free use in commercial and non-commercial projects.

Free To Use Sounds will release five more freely downloadable libraries over the next five days. Keep an eye on their Bandcamp page to stay up to date with new releases.

More info: Free To Use Sounds (use coupon code bedroomproducer to get the full bundle for $16)

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