EXCLUSIVE DEAL: Get 550+ GB Of Royalty-Free Sounds For $16!


Free To Use Sounds offers an exclusive 80% OFF deal for BPB readers. Get the entire catalog (270 royalty-free field recording sound libraries) for only $16 via Bandcamp. Use the coupon code bpb0121.

This is an exclusive deal for BPB readers. Enter the coupon code bpb0121 at checkout and get the full collection of 270 sound libraries by Free To Use Sounds.

About Free To Use Sounds

Free To Use Sounds is a sound library project by Marcel Gnauk. He captures high-quality field recordings in various locations around the globe and offers them as royalty-free sound libraries. The sounds can be downloaded in multiple formats, including lossless (WAV, FLAC) and compressed (MP3).

At the moment, the Free To Use Sounds catalog contains 270 sound libraries in total, and new libraries are added daily. The website offers tons (quite literally!) of inspirational sounds. It’s like going on an audio journey around the world. You’ll get to hear grocery store ambiance recorded in Portugal, basketball court sounds captured in Singapore, subway ambiance recordings from Japan, thunder and rain sounds from Costa Rica, city ambiance from New York, and lots more. Click here to see the full discography.

Marcel Gnauk of Free To Use Sounds.

Marcel Gnauk of Free To Use Sounds.

Of course, the purchased sounds can be downloaded in your preferred audio format. And they are royalty-free, so you can use them in your own projects.

During the lockdown, Marcel is adding a new sound library every day. Please keep in mind that you will only receive the libraries that were released by the date you purchased the full discography. Future releases are NOT included in the offer.

Get The Deal

To get the $16 deal, click the Buy Digital Discography button and apply the coupon code bpb0121 in the pop-up window. Check out the screenshot below to see how it should look with the coupon code apply.

Enter the coupon code "bedroomproducer" to get the discount.

Enter the coupon code “bpb0121” to get the discount.

The minimum price will be reduced to $15.96 (you can still enter any amount). After completing the checkout process, you will receive over 270 sound libraries released by Free To Use Sounds. The number of included sound libraries is growing constantly. At the moment of writing this article, the bundle amounts to over 550 GB of audio recordings.

More info: Free To Use Sounds (use coupon code bpb0121 to get the full discography for $16)

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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Thanks for the news! Random semi-related Q: Does anyone know if Bandcamp allows sorting albums into folders? Because I have a few albums I like to stream now and then at work, but if I pick this discography up, I feel like it’ll just make a complete mess of my collections page. Wondering if anyone else has this dilemma, or if I’m just being OCD…?

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      You’re welcome! To be honest, I have no idea. Maybe someone with more Bandcamp experience can answer this?

    • Hi Joe,
      Marcel here and I can move albums around as creator but I’m not 100 percent sure if you can do this as a fan account. What you can do is creating a new fan account with only the libraries. That way you don’t mess anything up.
      I hope that helps?

    • Hi Ralf!
      Marcel here from Free To Use Sounds. Now worries the code is valid for a longer period of time for Bed Room Producer readers. :)
      Reach out to me anytime if you have questions.

  2. Good day

    I just purchased the sound pack.
    I then received an email with all the packs.

    But when I click on any pack, it take me to the website,
    and I can’t download the sounds without paying (again?).

    Can you help me?

    • Hi Nobu!

      Sorry for the late reply and maybe you have it already figured out? It is important that you create the fan account with the same email address from the purchase. But if you still have trouble please let me know.

  3. Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for. I’m currently working on surround ambiences for cinema in post-production and I urgently need high-quality fresh sounds. The offer is amazing and the sounds are world class! Many Thanks!


  4. Ciao a tutti,
    qualcuno mi sa dire se la singola libreria è composta da una sola traccia o se ogni suono è un file a sestante?


    • Hello everybody,
      can anyone tell me if the single library is made up of a single track or if each sound is a file?

      Thank you

      • Hi Angelo,

        I do have some very old tracks from 2017 that are one recording and one library but in general all sound libraries or albums are made out of many recordings. I hope that helps?

  5. Hi there Marcel. I just bought the sample packs and created the fan account but can’t understand how to download them! :/

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