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The latest issue of Beat (#182, priced €5,49) magazine includes a free copy of the Codex ($59.99 value) wavetable synthesizer by Waves, along with dozens of other software and soundware freebies.

As always, Beat magazine is available in two editions: German and English. The English edition is published several days after the German one, so you might have to wait out a bit to get your copy.

More importantly, the latest Beat issue comes packed with free software and soundware. It features 11 GB of free sounds and music production software, including the Waves Codex synthesizer, the Ænigma expansions for Zampler and Akai MPCs, Tracktion Retromod, Thorn Solo, ADM 606 drum machine, and more.

The star of the show, though, is the Codex synth. Let’s take a closer look at this $59.99 virtual instrument from Waves (who are currently running a sitewide 40% OFF sale when you apply the coupon code LOVE40 at checkout).

Codex by Waves

Codex by Waves comes as a free download with the latest issue of Beat.

Codex is a wavetable synthesizer. It combines a granular wavetable engine with Waves’ Virtual Voltage synthesis technology. The result is a virtual instrument capable of generating modern electronic sounds and replicating the classic analog tones of vintage hardware synths.

The instrument is easy to program thanks to its straightforward user interface, although I still prefer the modern look of the Vital wavetable synthesizer by Matt Tytel. Either way, you can use Codex to build complex electronic sounds from scratch or check out the hundreds of factory patches that it comes with.

But Waves Codex is not the only software highlight in this month’s edition of Beat. Another gem worth mentioning is the LoFreq Wired RetroMod synthesizer by Tracktion.

RetroMod by Tracktion

Tracktion’s RetroMod also comes free with the latest Beat mag.

LoFreq Wired samples eleven different hardware synths manufactured between 2009 and 2018. It captures the sonic core of modern analog hardware while offering the flexibility of software instruments.

The plugin features a simple but capable synth engine with multiple filters, performance controls, effects, and sixteen-voice unison.

When you’re done playing the free software, read Beat magazine’s in-depth review of the UDO Super 6 synthesizer, the Arturia MicroFreak Vocoder test, and learn about old-school sampling techniques in Ableton.

Find all this and more in the latest issue of Beat.

More info: Beat Magazine #182

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  1. Already picked up the mag – Codex is amazing, retromod is nice but I have others that do better, and of course, another zampler pack is always welcomed ;)

  2. The note on their site that Codex is only included on the DVD in the printed version of the magazine.
    I write this as a reminder for everyone else.
    If someone made a different observation feel free to correct me ;-)

    • No this is not correct the digital version definitely includes the downloads, I know because I downloaded Codex yesterday and many others from previous editions.

  3. Beat is smoking the other music magazines now, Computer Music need to gear up a lot if they are gonna keep pace. Both the included magware and journalism/reviews are miles better done by Beat.

      • Even more than Waves Codex, I got this for the Zampler Aenigma library. Great sounding and easy to use. To compare I find the samples included with Computer Music and Future Music lacking, as they usually do not come with patches for easy use with SFZ players, Kontakt, Reason, Logic or other sample players like that.

    • upgrade to window 10 – I upgraded a computer a few days ago from win 8.1 and when I was done the win10 license was activated (even though ms says free win10 licenses ended years ago.) search for “media creation tool” from the ms website.

  4. I tried codex,how they can made a wavetable synth’s control so analog like?And I can only said waves is not good at making synth.Try vital.

  5. Hello everybody!
    Thanks for your work!
    I have a problem.
    Does anyone know: does the Codex work without a internet connection?
    My instance asks to sync licenses.

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