AAS Objeq Delay Is FREE With Any Purchase This Month


Plugin Boutique offers a free copy of the Objeq Delay plugin by Applied Acoustics Systems (€117.80 value) with any purchase. The offer ends 28th February 2021.

I think it’s safe to assume most who have used Objeq Delay will agree it involves a more musical process than the average delay plugin. So, straight away, it’s different, and any producer who has ever struggled to find the last piece of the puzzle will tell you that different is good to have tucked away in your locker.

Objeq Delay has a pretty powerful but easy to use modular GUI. From left to right, the modules are LFO, Filter, Object, Delay, and Mixer. Each module can be engaged or disengaged as required.

The core of the plugin, as the name suggests, is the delay module, with two delay lines. The first applies a delay to the input signal, while the second is a feedback loop allowing for echoes, controlled by the feedback knob.

Delay lines can tempo sync to the host DAW simultaneously or individually to create a combing effect. The Ping Pong function pans the left and right signals, alternating from side to side.

Introducing the other modules is where it gets interesting. The onboard LFO offers a full range of modulation destinations to create flanger, chorus, auto-filter, and other modulation effects. The flanger effect on a Moog-like synth bass is lovely for anything from West Coast Hip Hop to EDM, depending on how aggressively you dial it in.

High-cut and low-cut filters have selectable 1, 2, and 4-pole modes, determining how steep the filter slope is and how harsh the cutoff is. The Mixer module is straightforward, but the remaining Object module is quite unique.

The idea is that the input signal is filtered through acoustic resonators (in the form of modeled acoustic objects) before the delay stage. Objects include a beam, drumhead, plate, or string.

The frequency knob dictates the object’s reference pitch, which is the first harmonic or resonant frequency that you will hear. Decay, Material, and Formant knobs control the decay of the partials/harmonics created and where the object is struck.

What you’re getting into with this acoustic filter and delay is more sound design than just slapping a simple delay on something. It can be subtle, or it can be chaotic, and if you need inspiration, there are over 250 presets.

AAS Objeq Delay is available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. You can get it for free with any Plugin Boutique purchase this month.

More info: AAS Objeq Delay (FREE with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique)

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  1. Plugin Boutique has begun the year well, after Carbon Electra, this is another top of the line plugin :-) I bought it back in the day

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