NI MASCHINE B-Stock Blowout Sale @ (EU Only)


Native Instruments are offering wild deals on their B-stock of various MASCHINE models over on their official Reverb shop.

There’s no other phrase that gets me excited quite like “B-Stock”. This tends to be products with damaged packaging or ones that have been opened and returned, but they’re almost always in immaculate condition and still eligible for a warranty.

Native Instruments’ flagship hardware product, the Maschine, has been getting surprisingly cheap over the years considering their increasingly expensive parts and elaborate designs, but why not get one for even cheaper?

The German giant is holding a sale on Maschine B-Stock over at Reverb and as of the time of writing this, there are still 8 devices left. There’s also a couple of other stuff on there, such as a full version of Komplete 12, two Traktor S4s, as well as a few keyboards.

I used to have a Maschine MK1 and an S2 Mk1 and those devices are still supported to this day, I believe, so even picking up something like a €99 Mikro Mk2 could get you in the ecosystem using mostly up-to-date hardware.

Maschine units are also always in demand, too, even the original ones. A quick eBay search shows that MK1 goes for $70-$150 when bought second hand, so even if you end up not vibing with it, you can probably find a buyer in only a couple of days and earn back the majority of your investment.

Here’s what you can get as of right now:

  1. MASCHINE MK2 White B-Stock ($126.54) SOLD OUT!
  2. MASCHINE MK2 Black  B-Stock ($126.54) SOLD OUT!
  3. MASCHINE Mikro MK2 White B-Stock ($105.27)
  4. MASCHINE Mikro MK2 Black  B-Stock ($105.27)
  5. MASCHINE Jam B-Stock ($169.07) SOLD OUT!
  6. MASCHINE MK3 Black  B-Stock ($371.11) SOLD OUT!
  7. MASCHINE Studio Black B-Stock ($296.67)

The Jam didn’t see super-wide adoption, but it was still a great product, and everything from the Mk2 line still has access to the latest version of the Maschine software. The studio was eventually succeeded by the Mk3, but it’s also a bit bigger, so that may be a plus depending on what you’re looking for.

Either way, they’re fantastic devices that have stood the test of time and they all come with a 2-year warranty.

Thanks to our friends at Plugin.Deals and Synth Anatomy for spotting this epic deal!

UPDATE: This deal ships to EU only (thanks to BPB reader Mark for the info).

More info: NI MASCHINE Sale (exclusively @

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  1. Just to make people aware, they will only ship to Europe. No shipping to Notth America sadly, that’s a great deal!

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  3. IrionDaRonin


    I purchased one Maschine MK2 Black 3 days ago, and still they didn’t send it. Today i will contact them and see whats happening.

    Good luck, it’s a nobrainer.

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