All Ocean Swift Synthesis Virtual Instruments Are Now FREE!


Ocean Swift Synthesis offers all of its virtual instruments for FREE download.

When we say all of its products, we are talking about a wide range, not just one or two. The OSS range includes a superb selection of synths, multi-effects plugins, filters, wavetable packs, and more.

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Ocean Swift plugins are available in 32/64-bit VST formats for Windows, with some offering standalone use, too. All Kontakt instruments require Kontakt 6 or above unless otherwise stated.

Before getting into the plugins, I’d like to say thank you very much, and best wishes to the Ocean Swift team. It appears they are moving on to other projects, and what a way to go out!

Rather than mention every product, I’ll focus on one; Polyphenom 2, and encourage you to check out the lot.

Polyphenom 2 is a hybrid of additive and subtractive with some FM synthesis elements. The GUI has 2 pages, each with 8 sine oscillators, and it looks like a mixer. Each of the channels/oscillators is identical, and by default, they are set up as a harmonic series (1-16).

Using the faders, you can bring in precise amounts of each harmonic, which is a really nice way to do it. One of the cool things about this feature is that you don’t have to stick with the basic harmonic series. You can enter different values for any channel and create some weird and wonderful combinations.

Every channel has pan and modulation depth controls with 4 available modulators (2 pages of 2). The available modulators are analog-style LFO’s with sine, saw, triangle, and square waveshapes. Given that there are 16 harmonic channels, and you can set/modulate the level of each with such precision, the scope for sound design is very wide.

Much of the GUI works with pages, and if you look to the bottom left, you’ll find an FM circuit and OSC/ENV/LFO pitch modulation circuits on page 2. Next to those pages is a multi-effects section including reverb, chorus, delay, and more. Beyond that, you have the filter, filter LFO, and a pair of ADSR envelopes, amp, and filter.

While barely scratching the surface, it’s fair to say Polyphenom 2 is an ambitious synth and a credit to the developers. It could be a powerhouse for sound design, especially creating dissonance and tension.

Go check out the entire range, and once again, thank you, Ocean Swift Synthesis.

More info: Ocean Swift Synthesis

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  1. Tomislav Zlatic


    A big THANK YOU to BPB readers Christian, Igor, Numanoid, ambedo, and ex-brahma for the info about this freebie offer!

  2. For a while I was trying to make a setup for “Oxygene live in MY living room” and I was missing a decent additive synth for RMI Harmonic Synthesizer parts, and now I have 3 of them 😊

  3. I have subscribed to their newsletter n i got the email today about heavy discount on their product but when i click on it it says page not found, what happend to them can anyone say

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I’m guessing the instruments were developed using FlowStone, which is Windows-only (but I could be wrong).

  4. Not only their Synth plugins are free, there’s one sample pack no one mentioned that’s also free.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Yeah, it’s crazy when this happens. Similar to how offered their plugins for free back in the day (Shortcircuit and Surge).

      • Crylo the Raccoon


        Yeah – and they ended up open sourcing them and now Surge is my favorite VST. The sounds in it don’t sound like any other VST.

        I emailed Ocean Swift about open sourcing all their software to the GPT v3 license – they haven’t replied, but I hope they’ll consider it considering how interesting and awesome their products are!

  5. A big thanks to Ocean Swift for setting the stuff free. I wish more devs would do like Ocean Swift, and set their VST free, when their are abandoned at not updated anymore. Even if you have bought a synth in the past, that it is being set free means that a lot more people will be using it, and that the chance for new sound sets and other freebies related to the synth like new skins will appear from the community.
    I also noted that Ocean Swift have done a Kontakt Player library in the past. That is not available to download now, which makes sense as Native Instruments will charge royalties for every copy.

      • Oh, it is a re-release.
        I guess as it is a computer music giveaway, I should have expected that ;-) They seldom come up with exclusive giveaways these days, and more than often repack their old sample packs as new giveaways, like was the case in last issue CM294.

        • I am annoyed at the new sample packs Computer Music include, as the multisamples don’t contain multisamples patches in for example SFZ that are readily useable in any of the free SFZ players that are about.
          Everybody is talking about making music quicker and how to do that, but Computer Music expect me to spend time mapping their multisamples?
          I wish they would learn a lesson from Beat Zampler how to deliver useable sample packs.

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