SweepDelay Is A FREE Advanced Delay Plugin By SaschArt


SaschArt offers SweepDelay, a freeware advanced delay effect in VST plugin and Audio Unit formats for macOS and Windows.

SweepDelay is an advanced delay that goes easy on your CPU. The interface is pretty well laid out, with the core parameters of the delay shown on the upper half of the GUI. From left to right, you have the delay rate, pan width, feedback, and dry/wet signal faders.

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Delay rate allows you to set normal, dotted, or triplet notes. A dot after a note increases the length by 50% of its original value. You can do a lot of very cool things with dotted note delays, especially dotted 1/8 notes.

Let’s say you are playing 1/8 notes, and you add a normal 1/8 note delay; the delays will fall on the notes you are playing, creating more of a chorus effect.

But, if the delay rate is dotted 1/8 notes, they will fall between the notes you play, giving the illusion of 1/16 notes. The dotted 1/8 note technique is used a lot, and if you’re careful with your timing and attack, it can make a simple pattern sound amazing.

You can also host sync the delay rate.

The lower half of the GUI features a pair of resonant LP/HP filters, one per channel. Resonant filters add a lot of character to SweepDelay by allowing you to amplify the cutoff frequency. Adding resonance colors the sound and makes the plugin more versatile.

Each filter has identical controls, starting with frequency, depth, and rate. Filter modulation can be linked to pan width, feedback, dry mix, or wet mix. Either side of the link options is resonance amount and link depth controls.

If you are going for a ping pong delay, you can get some interesting results with triplet or dotted notes on the left or right channels.

Double click on any knob to return to its default value.

There is a pretty conspicuous Donate Now button on the top left of the interface. That’s not a complaint; it’s fair enough, and if you want to remove it, just make a donation (min €5).

SweepDelay is available in 32/64-bit VST and AU formats. The download comes with install instructions; drop the files in the correct folders, and you’re good to go.

More info: SweepDelay (1.98 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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