Proclethya Synthesizer Plugin Is FREE For A Limited Time (EXPIRED)


Dymai Sound offers the Proclethya ($39 value) virtual synthesizer as a FREE download until July 31st, 2021. UPDATE: The offer has expired.

Proclethya is a virtual analog synthesizer for Windows. It usually costs $39 (currently on sale for $29.95), but you can get it for free by entering the coupon code JLYFR31 at checkout.

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According to the developer, Proclethya doesn’t use samples nor wavetables. Instead, it relies on oscillator drift, distortion, and noise to emulate the sound of vintage analog synthesizers.

We’ve seen hundreds of virtual analog synthesizers in the past, both super-expensive and free, but I still get that fuzzy warm feeling when a new synth drops on the market. Especially when it’s free for a limited time.

And yes, I know, everyone’s looking for DSP innovation and fresh synthesis concepts but I’m still a sucker for simple analog synth sounds.

OK, let’s check out this relatively new plugin. It was released back in March, but the free download offer just popped up.

As for the GUI, let’s be honest, Proclethya looks amazing. I know that the sound quality is what’s important in a plugin but just look at this thing. It’s a beauty.

The synthesis engine is a dual-oscillator affair with sub and noise generators, FM, unison, multi-mode filters, an arpeggiator, and built-in effects. It’s definitely more than a bread-and-butter analog polysynth, but not too advanced, either.

Here’s a fun fact: the developer behind Proclethya is Dejan Subotin who also composed the soundtrack and created the sound effects for a videogame called Superverse (available on Steam).

You can hear the Proclethya plugin in action in the official demo video below.

Proclethya is available in VST2 and VST3 plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows (64-bit only). The developer states that a macOS version is “not available yet,” which could mean that macOS compatibility is coming sometime in the future.

For now, you’ll need a Windows-based DAW and a bit of patience (see the update below) to use the Proclethya synthesizer for free.

UPDATE #1: As expected with limited-time freebie offers like this one, the developer’s website seems to be experiencing some heavy traffic at the moment. As a result, you may get a “500 Internal Server Error” when visiting the download page, but it should work after a couple of tries.

UPDATE #2: Our readers are reporting that the coupon has expired. It seems that the free download offer is officially over. I’m sorry to hear that some of our readers didn’t manage to download the freebie because of the server issues on the developer’s website. That said, the offer was too good not to mention on BPB (and I’m happy that at least some of our readers managed to download Proclethya for free). For what it’s worth, you can still get the M1LimiterLite plugin for free (today only).

UPDATE #3: OK, it seems that the code JLYFR31 is working again! 😃 Our readers are reporting that they downloaded the plugin for free today after a few tries. I’m sure that the code will definitely expire soon so if you’re reading this and if you haven’t downloaded the plugin already, perhaps this is your last chance to get Proclethya for free.

UPDATE #4: The offer has expired.

Download: Proclethya (FREE with coupon code JLYFR31 until July 31st, 2021)

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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Thanks for the info about this :-)
    But I have to say a bit amateurish by the developer, the site has now been down for hours.If they can’t handle traffic, they shouldn’t give stuff away free ;-) For those who have bought product from them in the past, what if they needed to access the site today to download their product again. That would be impossible.

    • …but then after waiting several hours the site finally cleared up. Ordering went in a flash, I got the file, and the serial. Installed it, and authorized it offline in 5 minutes. So far so good :-)

    • Jiri aka Rivermint


      Server seems to be down. Hope we will get the chance. This plugin looks promising. Thanks Tomislav for the freebie.

  2. When the installation file is on the same server as the shop, users can reduce the website load by not downloading the installer until after the rush.

  3. After many attempts, I got to the checkout, applied the coupon, filled in all details but the ‘Place order’ remained greyed out. What did i miss?

    • I hope not! I have been trying yesterday and today and the site has been down for me the whole time. Would be a shame to miss out because of that :(

  4. Just realised that the order did actually go through earlier, even though there was no indication given on the webpage that it had been completed. As such…check your email account, you might find the order did go through without you realising it.

  5. Having had the time to play with this a bit today, have to say it is solid sounding stuff. It comes with ca 90 patches to get a users going. Behind the hood it has a meaty arpeggiator, as well as own sub-pages for EQ and FX

    On the downside it is a bit CPU heavy, and the GUI can’t be resized, which is a bit annoying as the size of it isn’t very big from the get go.

  6. Just realized my order did go through earlier even though there was no indication of it being completed on the website. As such, check your email account, you might find one of your attempts was successful

    • I remember the same happening when Arturia gave away Mini V for free a decade ago, and more recently with a filter giveaway. And also a couple of Native Instrument annual giveaways that broke their server.

  7. Hi guys! I tried just now and had no problems.

    I made all the steps but it took 1 or 2 minutes of waiting after each one.
    The discount code was accepted, inserted my personal details and clicked the “place order” button.
    I also received an email with the order details, license number and download link.
    After downloading, I installed it and used my license key to register.

    This looks amazing indeed. I’m impressed :)

  8. I’ve been trying all day, when i eventually get on to the purchase page and add the coupon code, i get an internal server error.. :-(

  9. Finally got one,I don’t remember how many times I try.
    Don’t worry,coupon still available.
    refresh the checkout page is more effective imo.
    Hope everyone good luck.

    • I tried unsuccessfully several times now and getting timeout errors. After waiting several hours the page now returns “You can’t buy the plugin because it’s out of stock” How can a virtual product even be out of stock? :) This is silly…

  10. Each step of the order takes quite a long time, but I finally succeeded. Maybe there is less traffic during the night hours :)

  11. Konstantin Kobaltov


    Strange, for a long time its first plugin with no sound in Reaper… Checked VST2 and VST3 version (+ VST3 has glitchy interface). Before license code it does harsh noise sounds – unregistered restriction, but after accepting license – goes silent at all.

  12. Coupon worked fine and was able to download without a hitch, but it appears this is for Windows only? Or if I’m missing the link for Mac, then I’d be happy to be corrected on that as I was hoping to take it for a spin on my MacBook. If the mess up that I’m actually hoping for didn’t happen and this is Windows only, then I suppose I’ll be glad to still have Windows computers and will check it out there. Hardly a problem I could whine about, but if that developer is with bpb, consider this a humble request for a Mac version when feasible.

    Dankie for the new freebie to nerd out with tonight. =]

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Give it another try. Our readers are reporting that they successfully downloaded the plugin even though it was previously “out of stock.”

  13. The website currently functions, but I get the error: “coupon usage limit has been reached.”


    • To, Author

      I want to request the author of this website(Bedroom producer), not to show stuff like this, because on the first day it was showing the server is down( that can understand, it sometime happen), but now it is showing the product is out of stock, “what does it means ?”, I am disappointed with this one and I want to tell also it is going to put a bad reputation on bedroom producer website. So i request you not show this like stupid things.

      Thank you.

      • Jiri aka Rivermint


        I know you are mad about the plugin. Right. So I am too. But tbh its not fault of BPB. You should point your finger to the developer of the plugin. BPB have great reputation, Im long time fan and supporter of BPB. Jiri

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        As you can see in the other comments, many of our readers managed to download the plugin eventually. I’m sorry for the inconvenience you’re having, but it’s not our fault. This seems to be one of those “you’ll get it if you’re persistent enough” types of freebie offers. Also, I wouldn’t agree that our content is stupid. We put a lot of work into it.

        • See, I am new to this website and this was my first experience. I am not telling the content are stupid and I know it takes a lot work. I want to tell that, show the right content which will help you and your website to grow not that giving a content that does not work only for some producer. Hope you understand what i mean to tell. (The old reader will understand the situation but the new reader will not understand and he/she would have hundreds of negative thoughts which going to impact in this website)

          • Tomislav Zlatic


            I understand your point, but I don’t agree (which is totally fair, we all have opinions and that’s perfectly fine). I will keep posting about offers like this one. If you read the other comments, there are many BPB readers who managed to download this instrument and they’re happy to have it in their VST plugin arsenal. It’s a shame that the developer’s website isn’t working well, but many of our readers are still getting a lot of value out of this offer. That’s what’s important if you ask me.

  14. Jiri aka Rivermint


    The website says now: “You cannot add “Proclethya Synth” to the cart because the product is out of stock”
    Its really challenge to get the plugin. So when someone got their plugin, what was your strategy to get it? this is really tough one. Thank zou all, Jiri aka Rivermint

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Judging by the comments from our readers, it seems that the “out of stock” error goes away after a while.

  15. “Not in stock”? LOL It’s not a physical product. I got a copy back on the 21st, but it never loaded properly. I made a note to come back and redownload it before Saturday, but here we are. I wonder if they just got seller’s remorse when they realized they should have monetized the product’s launch. If the synth lives up to expectations, it could still work out for them and help them establish their brand, but if the synth is even remotely underwhelming, I believe their handing of this launch will bite them in the butts. Crashed servers are a fact of digital life. But bizarre excuses like “not in stock” and “coupon usage limit has been reached” are dishonest communications with their customer base, right out of the gate.

  16. mike wilkinson


    Had the out of stock error early today but just tried again and purchase was really smooth, and straightforward and have downloaded the plugin

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Same here. I didn’t refresh the page every few minutes. Instead I waited for around 5 hours doing other things and purchase went very fast. No unusual waiting time etc. Thanks for this free synth!
      Forget the speculations. They are wasting everyone’s time. It’s a generous offer. Simply download and enjoy.

  17. Pretty nice synth, this is! Especially the arp is very extensive. The sub can give your sound a lot of body.
    Fat sounding greatness!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Awesome! I like it, too. As I said in the article, I’m still a sucker for virtual analog synths.

  18. Third day I’m trying to get the synth, but this is hopeless.
    500 Internal server errors, blank page when applying the code etc…
    Thought was nice, but the execution wasn’t :(

    • And now from midnight (precisely 0:00) forward the site mystically works just fine when you can’t get it for free anymore. Seems fishy if you ask me…

      • I confirm: site works well, but coupon is expired. Very suspicious. I don’t think will ever buy anything from dev that use such fake-looking advertising.

  19. There are so many giveaways of bad plugins which you can get with no troubles. I had no luck to get this one for 3 days in a row, so I think this one should be really good one xD

  20. I was hanging at the checkout, they got all required info but didn’t gave me a copy. WTF?
    I mean I didn’t get vst, ok. But they stole my personal data!

    • There you have a point! Indeed! Again, (see my posts below) if we argue from the assumption of malintent, wich for now I am not doing yet, but we’ll see how this spins out. If there is malintent, this was a very, very stupid trick to pull and that devolper’s ass is grass on the forums. Let’s hope that is not the case, let’s believe in the good intentions of people and the many ways the internet can throw up unexpected hurdles.

  21. Shane Sanders


    The only thing worse than teasing people with a free synth that you can’t deliver is teasing them for several days with a free synth that you can’t deliver. Leaves a bad impression for that developer. The checkout process is garbage.

  22. So many people crying about getting something for “FREE” come on, the entitlement here is ridiculous, everyone rushed in to get it and the server is slammed, small companies don’t have the same resources as Amazon or Netflix, it’s free, so what if you have to work a bit to get it, stop your bitching and thank the developer and Tomislav Zlatic for letting you know about it in the fist place.

  23. Either this is a really filthy trick, or they really underestimated response and the server can’t handle it, but really, I wonder: I can download the demo with no trouble really fast, but when I try to buy (wich I have to do to use the coupon cone) it says oops sorry the website is under mainainance. Yeah right, then why could I download the demo? And why did I get the website at all? OOK, it took some time to load, but still. OK, so I downloaded the demo, thinking, maybe if I put the coupon code in when I do regitser it will work, but no, that don’t go. So now I have a great demo of a synth that gives a burst of noise every 30 seconds, and I reckon I am supposed to like it som much that I want to get rid of that noise and go pay when I do not succeed in getting it free, as promised, with the coupon code? I smell a rat.

  24. And maybe, maybe I am very mistaken in my last comment, could be the ‘buy’ server is a different one from the main site that serves the demo and that is why what happened to me happened to me, so OK I grant him the benefit of the doubt. Indeed, as the former poster stated there isa no ‘right’ of entitlement, but then again a promise is a promise, and I would expect if the promise was sincere and so many people do not succeed in getting that promise fulfilled it would be the right thing to do to prolong the offer, or better: send an email to all people that tried and did not succeed (if that gets recorded in the server) wich gives them a link to get the promise fulfilled after all.

    • Because (sorry for littering this postline, but I want to be concise and I cannot edit my last post) it would be only fair to grant the gift to the people that responded within the given period, prolonging the offer would entitle many more people and that is not really fair, but, again, that would depend on wether the server records the respondents. Still argueing from my benefit of the doubt I do not envy the position of the devoloper right now, this must be really hard on him to handle if he (or she?) is sincere, in that case I do apologise for giving yet more of a hard time.

  25. Tried getting this plugin all day, with no luck. Website crashed many times. The one time I managed to get all the way to the checkout page and add the coupon, it crashed again and sent me to an “in maintenance page”. I tried yet again, and now it says the coupon code is expired. Oh well…

  26. Huh… it’s still July 30th 6:45 pm, but my message has a different time stamp on it. I guess the website is in a different time zone.

  27. Never had the chance to download this freebie due to the website not being accessible each time I tried. What a bummer :(

  28. The website is slow, but the coupon has just worked for me and I’ve downloaded the plugin. A few hours ago the same coupon had expired, so I guess the dev has extended the deadline and/or added more licenses. Anyone interested should try again.

  29. Brian Kooshian


    The synth looks cool, but the website is a trainwreck – it literally took me 45 minutes to get the site to allow me to order.

  30. The server was down or the maintenance info for all day. I think that it wasn’t serious. They only wanted to make a free promotion.

  31. This might be a nice piece, but I’m as underwhelmed as the developer’s site was overwhelmed. If they decide to try again, so will I, but for now attempting to ibtain this is a waste of time. But thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  32. This might be a nice piece, but I’m as underwhelmed as the developer’s site was overwhelmed. If they decide to try again, so will I, but for now attempting to ibtain this is a waste of time. But thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  33. It does not work. Internal Server Error. Repeatedly.
    I almost had it the first time, but I made the mistake of refreshing the browser window when the checkout discount was stuck on loading. I’m not sure how a developer can feel good about this type of set up… has anyone emailed them?

  34. Peter Mullins


    Server fail, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  35. That would be sooooo much easier to just give us a direct link, but they wanted our emails.
    So now you have them. Don’t you dare to send me anything, because it will remind about this fail.

  36. Bastiaan de Jong


    It’s august the first where I live but just got it to work 😇 good luck to everyone who’s still trying.

  37. Okay, I got it to work finally. Woohoo. They seem to have sorted it out now. I emailed the developer this morning and he said they were working on it. He also said that the promo would be extended until August 3rd. Cheers folks

    • It’s August 1st and I’m seeing `Coupon usage limit has been reached.`
      Stop baiting, please. Don’t waste our time.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Bipolar parameter may be involved with LFO. Instead of modulating the signal e.g. only between positive values and 0, it goes from negative, crosses the 0 and goes to positive. In short it means that modulation has more range or depth.

  38. Hi Michael,
    Even if Lfo2 intensity is zero,value of Bip knob seems to add to cutoff value.for LowpassA type filter Bip has to be at about 12’o clock,to get correct cutoff frequency.conversely, cutoff(at 100%)fully open doesn’t open the filter fully,Bip has to be about 40%.Seems to be a strange design decision.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Well I only gave one example of Bipolar parameter. Surely it would be good to ask developer for any specific design features. Perhaps you stumbled upon a bug, which is yet unknown to him.

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