3Sampler Is A FREE Sampler Plugin By SaschArt


SaschArt is back with 3Sampler, an easy-to-use sampler plugin for macOS and Windows.

There are lots of samplers around, even lots of free samplers, like Sforzando, Grace, Sitala, and our Grooove BPB drum sampler. The idea of which one is the best really depends on what you need from it.

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With 3Sampler, SaschArt has taken a specific approach in order to be the best option for anyone who wants to keep it simple. To quote the product page, use 3Sampler when you only need three samples.

Each of the three sample slots has a display that shows a visual, audio profile of the sample. It also displayed the velocity of each note played.

As you move down each slot, you’ll find simple controls for allocating the sample’s root note and note range.

Next, you have straightforward controls for Attack, Release, and Volume. The remaining controls get a little bit more interesting.

You can multiply the semitones interval to create new note sequences. I haven’t used 3Sampler at the time of writing, thanks to some MacIssues, but that’s another story, so I’m not sure if the multiplier has to be a whole number. For example, with 100 Cents per semitone, you could get into some microtonal stuff if you could multiply by 1.5.

You can also adjust the pan position and pan alternate settings to add some stereo dynamics. Last but not least, there are some handy reverse and loop options.

I did see online a user report some issues with SFZ files, although no issues with WAV or OGG. I can’t confirm any problem, so if you experience the same, let us know in the comments.

On the whole, if you want something lightweight and straightforward, 3Sampler could be for you. It seems that trying to keep even complex things as simple as possible is a common trait of SaschArt, and I like that.

They seem like an interesting team, and if you get the chance, you can check out some music from their sound designer, EmRysRa, via their website.

As with other SaschArt plugins, 3Sampler comes with a Donate Now button, which you can remove with a minimum donation of €5. It’s not exactly intrusive, but it’s great to support the team if you like the products.

3Sampler is available in AU and VST formats for macOS and Windows.

Download: 3Sampler (1.4 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. Perfect for selecting the right sample for your Bass & Drum parts within the same folder directory. Too bad the semitone can only adjust by 100%.

  2. Regarding the multiplier and use of decimal values.. this is what the SachArt website says in the 3Sampler product description:

    ” The possibility of multiplying the semitones interval – unique feature. For example, if we set this multiplier to 12 and the root note value is C4, we will get the C5 value if we play the C#4 key. If you want to set subunit or decimal values, use YSampler. ”

    So in short, you can only use decimal values in their other paid sampler called YSampler. For those curious I believe the price is $36.00.

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