DSPplug esquire3 Is A FREE Limiter Plugin By King Oz Records


King OZ Records releases DSPplug esquire3, a FREE limiter plugin for Windows.

As the third release in the esquire limiter range, esquire3 promises some notable improvements over its predecessors. The previous versions carried the LA School branding rather than DSPplug.

esquire3 is a brick wall limiter offering consistency without latency in an easy-to-use package.

The most significant change from previous versions is that esquire3 is a hybrid LU/dBFS limiter. Robert E. Langford, the developer, talks about LU having a slight latency, which means it can’t offer proper real-time detection. The improved hybrid algorithm provides accurate real-time detection.

Another improvement on previous versions is how lightweight the plugin is. Efficiency has always been a priority for the developer, and every aspect of esquire3 has been optimized for maximum efficiency.

Robert coded the plugin from scratch in ruby, adding no unnecessary bells and whistles. There are no graphics that move faster than the fps rate, and you’re unlikely to hear any unwelcome click/pops in use, thanks to the optimized DSP.

Despite the focus on efficiency, esquire3 comes with a GUI that looks as good as most and better than many, especially free plugins.

With no macOS version, esquire3 isn’t a limiter I can use, but it sounds very interesting on listening to some demos. It seems like a shortcut to a radio-ready voice if you do voiceovers or podcasts. Shaping the sound with the attack/release and raising the Ceiling gives the voice a smooth, polished delivery.

The effect when increasing the Ceiling is quite apparent and adds so much presence without being too in your face.

If you need a free limiter that works on both macOS and Windows, check out dBComp from the fantastic Analog Obsession.

I have to admit; King OZ Records was new to me, so I listened to Robert E. Langford discuss the backstory a little. In a nutshell, after being unhappy with various professional plugins, he set about creating something better. He did so with the caveat that his work would always be affordable for most creators; his paid plugins are around $5, on average, which is awesome.

Download esquire3 for free in 64-bit VST2/VST3 formats for Windows.

Download: DSPplug esquire3 (19.8 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST2/VST3 plugin format for Windows)

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  1. Michal Ochedowski


    I tested this plugin twice and both times had the same conclusion. GR meter is erratic. Values keep jumping with no particular reason. Even when I load the plugin with no audio playing, GR meter starts to show reduction. What?
    No idea what 32/64 switches do. Ratio has the range between 0 and 18 %. What?
    Ceiling is also presented in percentage instead of dB value, which definitely doesn’t help.
    GUI is too big for 1920×1080 screen resolution.
    For starters it would be good to know, at least when this limiter starts processing sound. At the moment I have no clue.

  2. I can’t get it to limit whatsoever. It’s pushing down quieter sounds and being generally unpleasant. What in the world is this plugin meant to be?

  3. I checked this plugin. He’s acting really weird. First of all, he decides what threshold to hold? This is approximately -3db. But if you need -1 db, you can’t. The logic is not friendly. The analyzer shows a signal attenuation of almost 32db, even if your signal is very weak… Probably, this plugin requires serious revision.

  4. It’s a message from me again. I’m a little used to his logic and I have to admit that he sounds great!!! Use “PluginDoctor” to see its harmonics. They resemble some good analog equipment. I am ready to close my eyes to the deceitful analyzer and wait for the plugin to be finalized. In the end, I have ears. )

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