LA Atmos Is A FREE Field Recordings Library For LABS


Spitfire Audio releases LA Atmos, a free LABS series instrument library based on field recordings.

I’m always happy to hear about any new addition to the LABS series. If you’re a budding composer, these instrument libraries are amongst the best freebies around.

This latest addition is LA Atmos, a collection of real-life sounds from Los Angeles. If you are trying to capture the essence of a city through sound, there can’t be many better places to start than LA.

It’s hard to think of a city where extreme poverty, wealth, constant struggle, and success intermingle more frequently. LA is a hotbed of musical talent, and it’s that blend of chasing dreams and the harsh reality that gives it its edge.

The techniques of musique concrète inspired LA Atmos, and all sounds were recorded by the dublab (non-profit radio station) team. Sounds include crowds, sirens, helicopters, and other ambient noise from the bustling environment.

Musique concrète is a term coined in 1940s Paris by engineer/composer Pierre Schaeffer. Instead of using instruments, it’s a musical collage of raw sounds taken from any given environment (usually urban). It’s a perfect example of taking inspiration from the world around you.

Although you can find many works that adhere strictly to the musique concrète techniques, there’s nothing to say it can’t be used as part of a more traditional piece.

The recordings captured during the making of LA Atmos have been warped into evolving melodic and percussive soundscapes.

Other LABS libraries like Tape Orchestra, Trumpet Fields, or Scary Strings might seem more exciting, but I love LA Atmos (and the previously released London Atmos).

If you are a media composer or even just a fan of movie scores, you’ll know the smallest details can make a big difference.

LA Atmos can provide soundscapes that can be unassuming or immersive, or it can add some grit and reality under strings, pads, percussion, etc.

LA Atmos works with the free Spitfire Audio plugin (VST2, VST3, AAX, and AU formats).

I’d encourage you to check out LA Atmos, and while you’re there, grab any other LABS libraries you don’t have yet; they are great.

Download: LA Atmos

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