G-Sonique Offer FREE BFX24 Filter Plugin In December 2022


G-Sonique celebrates its 15th anniversary by offering the forthcoming BFX24 analog multifilter plugin for FREE. Sign up now to get the plugin for free in December 2022. Please note that the plugin is Windows-only and that the offer requires sharing on Facebook.

G-Sonique started in 2007, and the company has been providing products and services that help musicians and producers do what they do best for the past fifteen years.

The developer, which also offers mastering services, has a fairly extensive range of virtual instruments, effects plugins, and sample packs for sale.

In celebration of reaching fifteen years old, G-Sonique has launched a promotion that will offer participants its latest plugin for free.

That freebie is BFX24, a new bi-polar analog multifilter plugin.

BFX24 won’t be available until December 2022, but if you check out the G-Sonique website, you can get an early look.

The GUI has the appearance of vintage analog hardware, as many analog-inspired plugins do. It’s not cluttered with too many knobs or switches; at a glance, it looks pretty well put together.

The featured controls are Cutoff, Resonance, Bi-Polar Envelope Follower, Attack, and Release in the top row. Underneath those are knobs for Input/Output Volume, a Filter Type selector, and a Bypass switch.

This new plugin aims to create a versatile filter that can become a quick and easy go-to choice for a vast range of applications.

G-Sonique calls BFX24 the “perfect tool for all electronic genres from Techno to House, Psytrance or Downtempo” and says it’s useable in all genres. The developer also says the new plugin will be ideal for use on various instruments, including guitars, synths, drums, percussion, and more.

To receive BFX24 free when it’s available (December 2022), you have to complete the following steps during the promotion.

You must like the G-Sonique Facebook page, share on Facebook, and provide the email address where you’d like to receive the plugin.

The promotion will last for a limited time, and as there’s no end date shown, I’m assuming it runs through till December, but don’t quote me on that. I know saying don’t quote me on that is like a TV news anchor saying something happened today; I’m not sure what, I wasn’t really looking, but something happened for sure, goodnight! But that’s what I’m going with for now.

Speaking of freeware filters, check out our BPB Dirty Filter plugin and the amazing Filter Force by TheWaveWarden.

BFX24 will be available for Windows only, initially, at least.

Download: BFX24 (sign up now to receive your free copy in December 2022)


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  1. Thanks for the info, but I will not start using Facebook again. G-Sonique plugs are a little outdated in general, they still keep using Flowstone I believe

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