Red Pack Drums Releases DS Drum FREE For Kontakt Player


Red Pack Drums offers a FREE demo of their DS Drum – RCS Essentials Mahogany drum kit for Kontakt Player.

Drums are often the foundation of any great song or musical production. They set the groove and breathe life into a track.

While some people might have access to a kit and microphones to record it, most rely on samples and virtual kits to get the job done.

The Mahogany kit, a FREE demo from the DS Drum – RCS Essentials pack by Red Pack Drums, offers ready-to-use drum sounds with an intuitive interface.

Unlike some drum kits or sample packs, the samples found within the Mahogany kit are pre-mixed and ready to go straight into your track!

Red Pack Drums claims that their Mahogany drums “provide deep, rich low-end, warmth, powerful punch with an elegant dark tone.”

The drums within this kit are compiled from over 20,000 real-life samples. This results in a very accurate and organic drum sound.

Users can select from over 33 drum sounds to ideally configure their kit.

There are two main snares to select from, each with three different tunings. So essentially, you’re getting a total of six snare sounds.

I found that these snare sounds have an excellent, crisp sound that fits well in the mix right out of the box.

Beyond the snares, we also get three kicks; each has three different tunings so that you can match the song you’re working on more quickly.

Finally, there are 12 Tom sounds and six cymbals to complete the kit.

The user interface hosting the Mahogany kit is very user-friendly and allows producers to load up quickly, exchange, and manipulate drums sounds to their liking.

Additionally, this virtual kit is midi-compatible. Those looking to play finger drums with their keyboard or use an electronic drum kit will find it easy to load up and assign Mahogany samples.

A final touch is Red Pack Drum’s inclusion of artist grooves. This allows producers to choose from a handful of drum grooves based on the playing of real drummers.

The Mahogany Demo Kit by Red Pack Drums is compatible with the FREE and full versions of the Kontakt Player.

To claim this kit, follow the Red Pack Drums website link. Add the FREE plugin to your cart, check out, and you’ll receive download/installation instructions!

Download: DS Drum – RCS Essentials DEMO “Mahogany”


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  1. And it’s a 6.1 GB download while the 10 free libraries that I use are 14 gigs all together :) That’s probably a good thing, of course.

  2. Hi guys!

    Just letting you know that there is a free edition of IK’s MixBox (called MixBox CS). It has eight free modules.

    Clarification: this works on windows and mac, not only iPad.

    I don’t think it’s news but I just learned about it and there doesn’t seem to be an article about it.

  3. james richardson


    Im having trouble downloading the library. when i hit the link it just downloads a pdf saying thank you for downloading

  4. “Your version of Kontakt is too old to load this file. Please update to the latest version.”

    Gah! Already latest version according to Native Access. I wonder if this has something to do with me still being on Windows 7? (My planned system upgrade is only next year.)

    • Hello Darryl,

      You need to have the free or the full version of Kontakt 6. Please click the Kontakt logo in the top left corner to check.

      If you have any problems, please e-mail me at [email protected]

      Good luck,

      Red pack drums

    • Kontakt Player 6.6.1 is the last supported on win 7 and 8.1. Now attention must be paid to that as well. Fortunately, at least NI takes care of users of old operating systems, so it does not update to versions that are not supported.

  5. I didn’t get any serial to add in Native Access, so is it possile that it works only in the 15 min demo mode in the free Kontakt Player?

  6. False advertisement. So – yes, it “works” in free Kontakt Player – but just for 15 minutes. You may read it in FAQ:

    “Do I have to buy Kontakt 6 player?
    No, you can use the FREE Kontakt player here:
    If you don’t own a Kontakt license the free DS Drum demo will lock up after 15 minutes of use.”

    So, no… you can use Kontakt Player… but you need Kontakt license if you want to use it longer than 15 minutes.

    It’s like asking for a car condition. Is it a good reliable car? Yes, but only for 15 km, then it stops working, roof collapse and tires blows.

  7. Yes, it has multi out – open Mixer tab and appoint each element at the particular channel, then route them to the DAW’s mixer from Kontakt. And this kit has the best sampled snares ever! All resonances are captured and preserve live in the sound. The only con is a full Kontakt version.

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