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Bedroom Producers Blog is proud to release BPB Dirty Filter, a freeware tube distortion effect in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

BPB Dirty Filter is our little gift to Bedroom Producers Blog readers and the music production community as a whole. I launched BPB a little over ten years ago and I enjoyed sharing the news about freeware VST plugins and music production software ever since. This time, BPB’s own VST plugin is in our news section and I couldn’t be happier.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our readers. Thank you all for your support and for reading Bedroom Producers Blog. And if you’re new here, welcome and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news!

BPB Dirty Filter by Bedroom Producers Blog

Here’s a closer look at BPB Dirty Filter.

So, you can download BPB Dirty Filter for free from our website and use it as a distortion effect in your favorite DAW. Check out the demo video below for a quick look at the plugin and its features.

What Is BPB Dirty Filter?

BPB Dirty Filter is a dual filter effect with tube distortion. It features a high-pass and low-pass filter, a Slope control (12, 24, 36, 0r 48 dB/octave), a Mix knob, and Volume control. However, the most important parameter is the Drive knob which controls the resonance for both filters and the amount of tube distortion that is applied to the signal.

By boosting the Drive knob, the user adds resonance and distortion at the same time. As a result, BPB Dirty Filter sounds somewhat similar to a multi-band distortion effect. This is because the cutoff frequency will be distorted the most and the user can focus the distortion around a specific area of the signal.

How To Use BPB Dirty Filter?

There are many ways to use BPB Dirty Filter as a standard filter and a distortion effect.

With the Drive set to zero and the Slope set to 12 dB/octave, you can use BPB Dirty Filter as a gentle transparent filter for removing low-frequency hum or high-frequency noise.

Set the Drive to 35 and the low-pass Cutoff frequency to around 45 Hz to add thump to a kick drum. The same can be done to snare or any other percussive instrument. Experiment with different Mix values to find the perfect amount of distortion for your drum loop.

Of course, you can always go bonkers with BPB Dirty Filter. Set the Drive to 100 and increase the slope to enjoy complete audio annihilation. Again, the Mix knob is your friend if you want to get some of that crazy distortion without completely destroying the incoming audio.

Download BPB Dirty Filter

You can download BPB Dirty Filter for free exclusively from Bedroom Producers Blog. The software is completely free to use in your DAW for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. We are providing the plugin as-is without any express or implied warranty.

BPB Dirty Filter is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Both 32-bit and 64-bit plugin hosts are supported. Visit the product page below to download your free copy of the plugin.

UPDATE: Some browsers and AV software detected the EXE installer for BPB Dirty Filter as a threat. Don’t worry – the plugin is 100% clean and this often happens with new EXE installers. We submitted a false positive complaint and this should be fixed soon. In the meanwhile, you can now download the manual installation files, too (no EXE installer).

More info: BPB Dirty Filter

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About Author

Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Thank you sooo much sir gonna download it now , i know it won’t dissapoint cuz BPB plugins are allways great and free :))) thank you soo much once again !!!

  2. Very beautiful, aesthetically pleasing GUI. Sounds FANTASTIC. Is very complex fucntionally, yet SIMPLIFIED as for user, novice freindliness. Multi purposes use as A CLEANER FILTER, as equally as a DIRT/TRASHER FILTER! Ironically, for the past 2 weeks i had been searching hi and low for a more less CPU intensive, yet POWERFUL in functionality FIlter Plugin opposed the various 7/10 filters from stock (N.I Maschne) to other fee/paid version filters. Recently with the (Brainworx) $20 off, and or pick a freebie plugin as long as the value is within $5-$20 dollars coupon deal, rather than sellecting the (Brainworx Bx Filter) which i wanted terribly badly (to more easly CLEAN UP frequencies on Master, Drum Bus etc with lesser EQ’ing during my mixing sessions). But instead i elected to go with the (BxMeter) as my chosen freebie bkz i felt i would get more VALUE for my over all needs in context to mixing, mastering & so forth. I felt personally it was the SMARTER CHOICE having a QUALITY METER, DYNAMICS READING pluginso i know EXACTLY whats going on in my mixes opposed to simply opting for the Bx filter, in which BOTH are highly necessary/desirable in context to mix/mastering processes. >>>>I MESSED UP bkz i could have had BOTH after PA “RESETING” the freebie/coupon deal lol smh, they coaught me (slipping. WHat makes it so bad is i was SURFING exclusively on PA’s website page for 2 whole days, trying to DECIDE which freebie i wanted, would be most beneficial etc.. The REASON why i missed the REST is bkz i temperarily (forgot) my password to their site, & it kept on LOCKING ME OUT fpr 5-15 intervals when i i didn’t prompt the correct PW’s. So i WAS ON TIME, but couldn’t not get IN thru the CHECK OUT points of which you have to be LOGGED IN to complete the FINAL sales purchase. None the lesser. >>I STILL WIN (thanks to BPB) BKZ THIS FILTER IS THE EXACT, BASIC, YET MULTIFUNCTIONALLY POWERFUL FILTER plugin i was seeking for to add to my M & M tool box lol.. It may even be BETTER than PA’s Bx Filter.. Sounds just as GOOD, if not even BETTER!! So this very ACCURATELY timed freebie by BPB was just what the proverbial “Doctor” ordered ahah.. SO THANK YOU SIR, you are very MUCH appreciate for ALL you do for “Bed room producers” whom tastes, needs are expensive, but optionally are destitute in terms of affordability with the more “name brand” if you will pugins. Iv’e learned thru the years that FREE DOE NOT MEAN low value, trash, unworthy etc.. And THIS BPB FILTER is an exact correlation in example to said theoretical reasononing.EXCELLENT!! Having not even downloaded it (lol), or used/applied it yet, and i give it 5 STARS out the gate based on an extremely SOLID DEMO’ing.. In essence, i know, cane HEAR, see & tell as a seasoned producing pro who knows my gear that this is PLENTY WORTHY of the free download facts. I don’t always take liberty in EVERYTHING freely offered bkz it can become a CLUSTER, and hard to manage when you end up typically NOT even using them.. But THIS BPB (DISTORTION) FILTER WILL BE THE 1ST PLUGIN i reach for to load on my master TODAY, and there after facts lol. Side note just so you know i’m sincere.. I OWN IZOTOPE TRASH 2 which in itself is a MONSTER distortion plugin. But perspectively, it can be a bit OVER KILL/ way to much for simpler task. So i can now get the CLEANLINESS of a (cleaner) filter, AND get that level of CONTROLLED distortion which for ME works way better than loading IZ’s Trash 2 which i love, and (also got FREE) with a Plugin Boutique purchase lol. So Thanks again guy’s! You ALWAYS are looking out for your subscribers, and we will ALWAYS have your back, and make sure that YOU STAY, and keep RISING higher in the echelons of music producer informations, news, Vst Plugins/software etc based website.. YOU ARE in my personal opinion THE BEST, along with a close second KVR producer website.. YOU 2 ALONE have an essential “Monopoly” on producers, subscribers to music production informations, 3rd party relations, extensions for software developers.>>Bkz if it were’nt for BPB/KVR those software plugin developers WOULD NOT SELL HALF the products they do VIA, BY PROXY of what services, assistance, and directionl, knowledgeable SUPPORT you guys lend to them thats a FACT! As i find out 80/90% of my (producer informations) from basically only you 2 guys!! SO KNOW YOUR VALUE is not only essentially need (by developers), but also by your BPB COMMUNITY!! We love you guys, & appreciate you more than you can ever know!! ANd i’m more than SURE I SPEAK FOR US ALL who frequent, and take liberty, advatnge of you your STELLAR music producer website.. I don’t know where i myself would personally be with out you guys. I LIVE/LOOK FORWARD to the DAILY Emails from BPB bkz i know SOMETHING GOOD has been found, & or is on the way ahaha lmao!!

  3. Tomi! Your contribution to the creative community is massive… The amount of valuable information you have been pouring for 10 years is incomparable… I’ll just take this plugin as a cherry on a 10 ton cake…

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey, thank you so much for the kind words! Happy to share something great for free as a big thank you for all the support over the years. :)

  4. Richard Bergman


    Hi Tomislav.
    Awesome initiative, and as always great website which I visit on a daily basis. I look forward to try out the plugin, but it’s already obvious what great potential BPB has a brand, and I look forward to see what the surprises that awaits in future. Godspeed in both the mainstream and the underground scene, and have a great day!
    Best regards

  5. Hi Tomislav & BPB team.
    Wishing you a very happy 10 year anniversary & well done 🎂😊👍 Respect BPB
    Best wishes for the future too.

    This BPB Dirty Filter sounds very nice in your video while played on my sound system, especially the distortion you added onto that drum loop, it has an awesome sound when added in the bass drum.

    I look forward to trying it out with two Dirty Filter plug-in’s in one channel strip (one for the bass to distort the bass drum & one for the treble, adjusted separately)
    It would be awesome to be able to automate this plug-in as well & even have a split channel audio file for left & right with it added for the treble, endless possibility’s 👍

    Thanks so much Tomislav, for all of your kind offers, i very much appreciated them all, even if i don’t need them all, but as well for your hard work, time & your great write ups about the products that you share with us all.

    Kind regards all

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thank you so much for the kind words! As for BPB Dirty Filter, I wanted it to be a simple hands-on plugin without too many features, but I’m definitely listening to the suggestions for the next version. I’ll add your suggestions to the list. Much appreciated! :)

  6. Thanks for all the awsome freebies over the years, BPB has been a great source of info and goodies. Here’s to 10 more !!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Yeah, you can get many types of distortion out of it, even though the controls are simple. And thanks for the kind words!

  7. SneakyElkInSneakersEatingSnickers


    This will definitely come in handy, thanks a lot BPB! And keep up the awsome work Tomislav, this blog is super!

  8. Thanks for this awesome plugin!

    Love the sound of the drive and res combo when you play a sawtooth through it! Very nice indeed!

  9. So many thanks Tomislav! For the web site, building the community, offering information, and the new Plugin.
    You inspire me to create, and to want to also give.

  10. Added some nice soft top end to a acoustic guitar pleasing on a vocal track i like it next i have to try it on bass and drums but i think i will be using it a lot very easy to use i like the filters thank you

  11. Thank you Tomislav for this great filter, it works flawlessly, much better than many commercial ones. Great job as always. Once again thank you BPB

  12. Thanks BPB! Is this essentially the same thing as the free BPB FilterCrusher plugin from a few years back? I remember loving that thing but it had some stability issues that sometimes messed up sessions. Looking forward to using this guy though.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Cheers! No, this is a completely new plugin. It’s based on a similar concept, but it uses entirely new code. No stability issues with this one. :)

  13. Thanks for the freebie. Always loved your work on BPB since the beginning. 10 years? Time flies… :)

    Wish you all the success, pal!

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