Witch Pig Releases Guillotine A FREE Effect Plugin


Witch Pig releases Guillotine, a freeware multi-effect in VST3 plugin format for compatible DAWs on Windows.

Unusual effects are sometimes just what you need to kickstart your creativity. Sure, the mainstays like your modulation, delays, reverb, and so on still have their place, but something weird can get the juices flowing.

If you’re looking for your next fit of inspiration, look at Witch Pig’s latest release – Guillotine.

Describing Guillotine is a difficult task, but it essentially takes time-synced pieces of audio and slices them up.

The default mode is akin to a gate and can certainly be used as a trance gate when coaxed into it. You can select multiple time divisions, with up to 32 cuts being possible for slicing and dicing. The rate and depth of these cuts are also readily controlled with their own dedicated knobs.

Where Guillotine gets interesting is in the various effect modes: slices can be modulated, but they can also be distorted, bit-crushed, and even just cut to silence.

Furthermore, you can take the default mode and have Guillotine function as an expander on your audio sources.

Guillotine works quite well for making interesting risers and fills for the more electronic-oriented fare. However, you could apply it to almost anything you can imagine. It even pairs well with Witch Pig’s first release, the SPX Nevermore Symphonic Flanger.

If you’re worried about the growing size of your free VST folder, it’s worth noting that Guillotine isn’t quite like many of the other plugins with a similar toolset on the market.

The inclusion of effects makes for some interesting and potent combinations that work well with certain materials. For the price, it is hard to argue against giving it a shot and seeing how you like it.

If there is one particular place Guillotine falters, it is in terms of compatibility. Currently, Witch Pig is only offering Guillotine as a free download for Windows computers.

The only supported plugin format is VST3, so Pro Tools users or users with older hosts will need to take a look at some form of wrapper or host to take full advantage of Guillotine.

There has been no discussion as to whether Mac compatibility is in the pipeline, so for the moment it is Windows-only.

Download: Guillotine


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  1. As someone mentioned in a separate thread, Witch Pig plugins are now available for Mac. I was stoked to see this, it may warrant an updated/new posting so that others get the word? Thanks for all you guys do!

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