Tracktion Releases Waveform Free 12.5 Digital Audio Workstation


Tracktion Corporation released Waveform Free 12.5, a new version of the industry-leading free digital audio workstation.

Now, there are more than a few free DAWs out there available for users. However, there are usually trade-offs associated with using them. Some, like the fan-favorite Cakewalk, are going the way of the dinosaur, unfortunately.

This is not the case with Waveform Free, though.

Tracktion has recently issued the latest update for their Waveform Free digital audio workstation, bringing it to 12.5 and introducing exciting new features like better handling of video and support for new plugin formats.

Before we continue, let’s get the little stuff out of the way first.

Waveform 12.5 Free now comes with LV2 plugin support, which is a massive plus for folks running audio software on Linux. Support for other plugin formats is still there, as you might expect, with VST, VST3, and AU support present for their compatible operating systems.

The new version of Waveform Free also comes with a freshly redesigned interface, which is a welcome sight. You can also theme it how according to your preference, with 20 visual presets included in the download.

Improvements continue with refreshed audio effects, including new DSP algorithms for the compressor, EQs, delay, and other staples for your mixing workflow. You also get six handy utility plugins, which I’m always a huge fan of, including metering.

Additionally, the browser has been redesigned, bringing it more in line with other popular DAWs. It really reminds me of the native browser for Ableton Live, with categories and an intuitive browser pane.

The audio engine has also been improved, promising more efficiency and better plugin delay compensation for those massive sessions.

Finally, perhaps the most exciting inclusion is the new take on video support. Waveform 12.5 Free allows users to natively accept video files and generate thumbnails upon export.

This means you can natively score, mix, and perform sound design alongside your video projects in a free DAW. Other free DAWs have some degree of video support, but Tracktion has made it easy to get right down to work for those who work in film.

Waveform 12.5 Free is available now to download and is supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. It is Silicon compatible, which I’ll attest to personally.

I tested Waveform Free on my M1 Mac this morning, and it works quite well. This is a great DAW for users looking to dip their toes into music production, and you certainly can’t beat the cost of entry.

Download: Waveform Free 12.5


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  1. I would fear for my reputation describing the Tracktion Waveform 12.5 in this way. Go to the kvr forum, Tracktion thread and you will immediately understand that people are suffering at the moment using this product!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Vik, thank you for your comment. I tested the free version of Waveform 12.5 and it worked great. I’m currently incorporating it in my sound design workflow for videos. I took a look at Tracktion’s forum on KVR and I noticed that some users are reporting bugs, but the overall opinion regarding the new features seems positive. Either way, I’m very excited about the video capabilities, as they’re umatched in any other free DAW. Being someone who works on sound design for video, I think this is groundbreaking in the freeware world.

  2. Only thing is – I have bought Waveform 11 Pro solely because of the video function (and Melodyne) but will use W12.5 because no need to upgrade now. Strange bussiness model.

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