BPB Exclusive: 50% OFF Gospel Musicians Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 And All Expansions


Check out our latest BPB Exclusive deal: Get 50% off Gospel Musicians Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 and all expansions!

Before getting into the details, I want to thank the Gospel Musicians team for the huge discount and the years of outstanding content.

If you aren’t familiar with the Gospel Musicians website or YouTube channel, I encourage you to check them out; there’s something for all musicians, especially if you play keys.

Gospel Musicians create and release some of the best virtual instruments and sounds for Gospel and Urban music. They also produce a wide range of helpful video content, from product demos to tutorials and guides on all aspects of musicianship.

Understanding some fundamentals of Gospel music, like voicings and progressions, will improve your playing in any genre.

So, on to the deal. We’ve teamed up with Gospel Musicians to offer a BPB exclusive discount on the flagship Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 and all expansions.

Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 retails for $249.99, and expansions (MarkVII, Suitcase, Dyno, etc.) range from $49.99 to $99.99. BPB readers can claim a 50% discount on all of those items using the exclusive code BDRPRNGM2023 at checkout.

Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 has a mammoth 50 GB sample library, delivering 172 distinct piano sounds. The factory content alone, without additional expansions, has some of the best Rhodes, Wurly, Clav, CP70 sounds, and more.

You even get the Yamaha EX5 EP sounds thrown in for free, an iconic instrument in its own right.

The sampled sounds are amazing, but much of the additional vintage character comes from the built-in Overloud™ FX rack (also included free as an FX plugin) with all 95 factory VKFX presets.

There are many options for recreating vintage keyboards in software form, and I’ve tried most of them at one time or another. One of the things I love about Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 is that it absolutely nails the presets.

The instrument has 334 presets (including all Kontakt version 1 presets), and they are fantastic. Good presets are often a foundation to build upon, but in this case, they are so right on the money that you’re good to go immediately.

For example, if you load up the CP70 preset “The One D’Ang Plays” within a few notes, you’ll think, yeah, that’s Sugah Daddy. The bank labeled Jamal’s VIP is packed with stunning sounds.

Another of my favorite presets comes with the MarkVII expansion, “Herb’s EP.”

Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 allows you to layer/stack up to six sounds, each with dedicated FX, to create the ultimate EP.

Previous users should notice that the interface is newly improved with a streamlined, intuitive design. The main page shows all six layers and allows you to toggle between a keyboard view and quick FX.

Quick FX lets you select up to three effects you can control from the main page. Additional pages are Controls, Effects (Slot1, Slot2, and Master – each slot offers five rack FX spaces), and Settings.

Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 is massive, and there’s no better time to get it: 50% off the core product and all expansions, exclusively for BPB readers.

I probably should have led with this; George Duke used Neo-Soul Keys® – that says more than anything I can add.

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Check out the deal: Neo-Soul Keys Studio 2 + expansions (50% discount for BPB readers using code BDRPRNGM2023)


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  1. Wusik JX1 VA Synth released for Windows, users can download demo, which has no timeouts or audio bleeps, it just doesn’t save presets, so basically if not needing to to save presets it is the full synth.

  2. “I probably should have led with this; George Duke used Neo-Soul Keys® – that says more than anything I can add.”
    Haha, agreed. I used the code to grab the last expansion I was in need of (with Classic EPs, they’re not “wants,” they’re “needs.” XD ) I’ve tried a *pile* of EP emulations, all the best and all the rest (and, yes, that includes Spectrasonic,) and none match up to GM’s Neo-Soul Keys Studio 2 suite. The nearest EPs that sound flawed and alive enough to come close to matching the actual Mark series EPs I’ve played in real life (in the brief time I was around them, and only a handful of different ones,) are, oddly enough, a largely unknown company, Purgatory Creek Soundware, whose libraries are stupid cheap for the quality and sheer amount of samples and round robins their libraries contain. Anyway, hyped on the code. Gospel Musicians are solid people to be in cahoots with. (:D

    • Avatar photo

      Hey Lucas,

      Sorry for the slow response, but glad to hear you picked up that expansion to complete the collection! GM has nailed it with these sounds, I love them!

      Thanks for the tip on PCS, I’ll check them out.

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