SoundMagic Releases FREE Piano One Special Edition


SoundMagic releases Piano One Special Edition, an updated version of their freeware piano virtual instrument.

Here we are with yet another free piano, and it’s a new version of an already existing freebie.

However, don’t let that dissuade you from picking up Piano One Special Edition, as we’ll cover why it is a stellar instrument. If you’ve been on the hunt for a solid piano, then this might be the one for you.

Piano One is not a new quantity, but there’s been some sprucing up done for the Special Edition release we’re covering today.

The original model is based on the Yamaha C7, a fairly standard and common grand piano. There is also a new model based on a vintage upright, bringing its own special tonal qualities.

You’ll find quite a bit of control over the sound of both pianos, as Piano One Special Edition uses a combination of sampling and physical modeling to give a wide range of options to the sound.

There are controls for the noises and the damping, along with the touch of how the instrument is being played. You also have control over the key dynamics and how those get tracked.

If that isn’t enough, you can shift the sound of the overtones and apply some overall tone shaping to the output signal. This is coupled with a fairly solid reverb. While this might not replace your go-to reverbs, it works well with the available sound options here.

Piano One SE isn’t going to directly compete with the top instruments in the field, but as a taster of what SoundMagic offers, it is a fine plugin. While I’ll readily admit I am no expert on how keys sound, I thought this sounded great – but I also think the 128 piano patch from MC-707 sounds good enough.

There is a certain understated quality to the sound of both instruments in Piano One SE, however.

If you’d like to add Piano One SE to your collection, there’s nothing stopping you. It’s free as a taster for the rest of the product range.

Supported plugin formats are VST and AU. You’ll need a host of some sort that can load either 32-bit or 64-bit plugins for Windows or Mac.

Download: Piano One Special Edition


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  1. Fraghunter9K


    Ok, nevermind. Found out; it has different sound. Its using an upright piano. VST is the same, maybe its enough to just get the piano file`for it?

    • Fraghunter9K


      update; works.
      In the download is the installer and the ins file, just tried it out and copy pasted the ins into my old pianoone folder. Loaded it up and yeah, works.

  2. There are plenty of pianos that will sit in a mix. I’m a modelling snob and have been since the Pro2, but considering how good even a small footprint piano sounds these days compared to a CP20 or an RMI or a Crumar they’re all a blessing.

  3. I get a download notification that I am downloading 600+mbs. But the actual download is only 1kb. It’s just an empty folder.

    • Just downloaded it, no problem on my end.
      First, try again, just in case of a bad or incomplete download.
      If it still isn’t working right, what are you using to unzip the file? Seems t work with both WinRAR and 7-zip on my end. Perhaps update your unzipping tool.

  4. This is just a different patch for the same 2018 Neo_Piano_x64.dll. Out of the box, the original Piano One patch based on the Yamaha C7 sounds way better to my ears. This Piano One SE patch based on a vintage upright sounds a bit muffled and lifeless to me. Nice to have another option but don’t be upset if you miss the July 8 deadline.

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