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You can grab a free copy of Usynth CORE ($79 value) by UJAM for a limited time when you sign up for a Loopcloud subscription.

Loopcloud is an all-in-one hub for samples that functions as a standalone app or a plugin with industry-leading DAW integration. It offers over four million samples, a built-in 8-track editor and pattern creator, and a powerful plugin suite.

One of the best things about Loopcloud is that it analyzes and tags your existing sounds so you can search samples you own and the Loopcloud store simultaneously.

Loopcloud offers three monthly subscription plans: Artist (£5.99 per month), Studio (£9.99 per month), and Professional (17.99 per month).

Each monthly plan comes with a 14-day free trial. You can save some cash and get two months free by paying annually. For example, the Artist plan will cost £59.99 annually, equal to ten monthly payments.

Each plan offers a set number of monthly points (used to buy sounds), free sounds per day, and an amount of cloud storage.

I’ve used Loopcloud for a fairly long time, and I’ve always been happy with it. If you’ve been considering using this sort of platform, now’s the time to do it; the offer ends on the 1st of October, 2023.

Now, a little about Usynth CORE.

Usynth CORE is the ultimate all-rounder for people who want a wide range of classic and modern synth sounds with minimal fuss.

The flexible synth VST offers 100 presets inside an easy-to-use browser. The browser includes categories like Lead, Poly, Bass, Pad, Ensemble, and more.

Once you select a preset, you have a few ways to customize the sound, starting with the Synthesizer section.

The Synthesizer section features the Dark/Bright knob, which adjusts the harmonic content of the sound, and the Fast/Slow knob, which changes the speed of the preset. Each preset provides a further three distinct parameter knobs.

The Sequencer section offers 30 presets and functions as an arpeggiator or a phrase player. When the sequencer is on, the interactive keyboard at the bottom of the interface will dedicate the lowest octave to sequencer control, meaning you can trigger specific actions from a single key.

Last is the Finisher section, which provides a multi-effects chain with 100 presets. Each effect preset features four distinct parameter controls.

In addition to the three main sections, you get a randomizer, delay, and reverb control.

Usynth CORE is a ready-to-go synth VST that provides the essential and best-suited controls for each preset. It’s incredibly easy to use and offers enough flexibility to avoid generic sounds.

I like UJAM, and I think Usynth CORE could be handy to anyone who wants solid synth sounds in a hurry.

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Check out the deal: Get Usynth CORE (FREE with a monthly subscription at Loopcloud)


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