DAWproject By Bitwig And PreSonus Simplifies DAW Project File Sharing


Bitwig and PreSonus announce DAWproject, an easier way to share projects between DAW programs.

Many of the frustrations of any music software, whether it is a specific format, a plugin, or a DAW, come from workflow-related issues. Anything that requires us to spend more time on a simple task than is seemingly necessary becomes a pain in the neck very quickly.

Bitwig is on a mission to develop and release technology that helps us work smarter rather than harder, which can’t be bad.

DAWproject is the latest such technology, providing an easier way to share projects between different DAW programs.

If you use multiple DAWs or collaborate with someone who uses a different DAW, you’ll know how tedious and time-consuming the process of sharing projects can be. DAWproject eliminates the need to bounce stems before you share by storing all vital information in a single DAW-agnostic format.

DAWproject is a container that stores audio, notes, plugin data, and metadata structure.

When you transfer your project in the DAWproject format, you share everything relating to time, tracks, and channels. You also share all automation data and any used plugin settings.

All stored information will remain compatible regardless of any difference in feature sets from one DAW to the next.

Knowing that all of your plugin parameters will remain intact, the ability to jump from one DAW to another is likely to appeal to many potential users.

You can see a complete performance comparison versus MIDI and AAF on the Bitwig website.

Currently, DAWproject is supported in Bitwig studio 5.0.9 and studio One 6.5 upwards.

Developers and manufacturers don’t always want to play along nicely in any industry, which typically makes life more difficult for the creators. Any endeavor, like DAWproject, aiming to bring developers together for the greater good of their users is facing an admirable, if not easy, task.

The extent of DAWproject’s success will depend on more developers joining Bitwig and PreSonus to support the new format.

The DAWproject format is open and free, with all appropriate information and specifications for developers on the project GitHub page.

DAWproject isn’t Bitwig’s first significant collaboration with another developer. In 2022, Bitwig teamed up with u-he (creators of Zebralette 3) to launch the CLAP plugin format.

More info: DAWproject


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  1. Bitwig user here. This specific feature seems good especially for artists using different DAWs and collaborating with each other. Now they can share their projects with ease. We will see if other companies will join Bitwig and Studio One

  2. Not gonna lie, a bit miffed they didn’t go with a name like “Advanced Interoperable DAW System”.
    They’re losing their edge. Tsk, tsk…

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