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Get FREE Xils 3 BE & DDMF’s TheStrip When You Join Producer-Secrets


Producer-Secrets is a new messenger channel for music producers, powered by Beat Magazine. Join now to get Xils 3 BE and DDMF’s TheStrip for free.

Who doesn’t love multiple freebies?

The fine folks at Beat Magazine have launched Producer-Secrets, a social media outlet for users to discuss recording and production and get fun samples and other downloads.

Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but we aren’t here to discuss the merits of a production community. You can easily join them on multiple platforms like Reddit, Telegram, Viber, Twitter, and more.

To get the freebies, join a platform and scroll up to the first post, which should include links to get your free products.

Producer-Secrets freebie links on Telegram.

Producer-Secrets freebie links on Telegram.

Let’s check out the cool freebies you’ll get if you follow Producer-Secrets.

Xils 3 BE

Xils 3 BE is a pared-down version of Xils 3, a fairly painstaking emulation of the wonderfully odd VCS3 synth. This hails from yesteryear, long before conventions like sensible signal flow, standardized controls, and a mod matrix were established.

Xils has done a fine job of updating this synth to the 21st century, and you won’t fret over losing any of the pins on the matrix.

I’ve got the full version of Xils 4, and it is a personal favorite for whipping up notably odd sequences and soundscapes. The pin matrix invites some unusual experimentation I rarely see unless I’m already in VCV Rack.

I particularly love the metallic spring reverb included as part of the effects suite. It isn’t a synth for everyone, but you’ll likely find some interesting presets for starting points with this wonderful instrument.


If you’re after mixing effects, TheStrip is a dandy little channel strip. Now, I generally prefer the likes of Infinistrip or the SSL Native Channelstrip, but TheStrip is great.

TheStrip doesn’t emulate specific hardware but does tie together a filter, EQ, compressor, and gate into one handy package.

You’ve got oversampling, which is a fine option to have handy. The EQ is the only true model in the whole plugin, so my apologies for misleading you, but it’s a 6-band affair based on the 6144.

The compressor goes up to a 10:1 ratio and you’ve got access to a variable attack and release. The gate is a gate and is perfectly functional. I would love to see an expander or ducker as a secondary option, but beggars can’t be choosers.

This a great set of free plugins to get for a simple follow to any of the online social media platforms for Producer-Secrets. You can choose any of the supported platforms, including Discord, Viber, Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter.

More info: Producer-Secrets (Get Xils 3 BE and DDMF’s TheStrip for FREE after following)


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Liam is a producer, mixing engineer, and compressor aficionado. When not mixing, he can be found pretending to play guitar, as he has been doing for the last 20 years.


  1. Would have been nice if the synth wasn’t so … harsh ..
    Except for some industrial types it seems really a waste of time?

    As to the strip, maybe worth a try, though the video shown isn’t exactly great marketing either !

    Maybe I should spend more time working on my DAW rather than try grab free plugins that I don’t need :D

    • Marco Scherer


      Xils isn’t your everydays synth and the presets are meh… but give it a chance. It can create great sounds. Especially when using the external input to modulate parameters. It needs some dive-in, but try it, the results are rewarding

      • Tonight on What The £%$§! is a VCS!?
        S01E01 The $%!£ Envelope Shaper

        Attack: Just your standard attack.
        On: Think of it as a Hold, a sustain after the attack.
        Decay: Think of it as a Release, that happens after the decay.
        Off: Is a pause before the AOD cycle loops. Turn to max for ironically have it off.

        Or just click the [ENVELOPE SHAPER] text, to switch to a classic ADSR, because the good people at Xils thought you’d never get used to the VCS way.

  2. Discord doesn’t worked. I followed on Reddit. How do I receive the serials / authorisation codes for the software?

  3. The same happens to me.
    In X it says that “these tweets are protected” and in Discord it says that the invitation has expired. Any ideas how to proceed?

    • Marco Scherer


      Well, it’s not like “you get it delivered to your door”-free, but it’s free like “join the group, download the freebies and leave the group”.

      No data is collected, no numbers or mail addresses are stored. If you leave the group, there will be no trances.

      So I’d say it’s free.

    • Not the v2.0.2 VST2 64bit (the 32bit bridged works) that is included in the download, indeed. But when you register for a serial on XILS’ page, you get a link to a v2.6.2b VST3 64bit that does. \o/

    • Marco Scherer


      When does that “waiting” message appear? The channel is open and doesn’t require any moderation to get you in. At least it shouldn’t…

    • i have the same problem, it says:
      “These Tweets are protected
      Only approved followers can see @ProducerSecretz’s Tweets. To request access, click Follow. Learn more”

  4. If’ you’ve ever registered for a Beat magazine download, you already have access to Xils 3 BE. It’s been in their library for 10 years.

  5. Michal Ochedowski


    Trying to find a download link only to realize that plugins are from 2014 and 2015. Don’t waste your time.

  6. Xils requires a serial number, which is not issued. The second plugin also does not have a license key. I don’t see the point in wasting time on this

    • I didn’t realise SynthEdit can now export to JUCE. Wow.
      I need to know more about that. Are SEM gone? Are they a blob now? Can you add your own code? Are vampires vulnerable to black garlic also? Anybody with a link to juicy (ah!) infos?

  7. I had been thoroughly buzzed at the prospect of being able to tinker about with the Xils 3 BE, but despite managing to download the installer okay, the installation process on Mac has proven more than a little troublesome – it just seems beset by one error message after another, to the point where I’ve just I’ve given up trying. Mildly miffed, I’ll be honest.

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