Cableguys TimeShaper 3 Is FREE With Any Loopcloud Subscription Plan


Until November 5th, you can redeem the TimeShaper 3 plugin by Cableguys as a free gift for any new member of any Loopcloud subscription plan.

Loopcloud in a nutshell

Loopcloud is a subscription-based service offering a large collection of 4 million royalty-free samples spanning any electronic music genre.

The service has gotten better and better over time, with neat new features to easily find the sounds you’re looking for and even manipulate them within the included software.

It has an intuitive 8-track editor and pattern creator to slice, edit, and rearrange samples and add effects even on sounds you’ve not yet purchased.

I tested Loopcloud in the past, and I have to say it’s super fun and easy to integrate inside your DAW workflow, with lots of customization possibilities for the available samples.

There are different subscription tiers based on what better suits you, and all of them come with the Loocloud DRUM and PLAY plugins.

Timeshaper 3 for free!

For a limited time, you can get your hands on the mighty Timeshaper 3 by Cableguys for free with any Loopcloud subscription.

TimeShaper 3 is part of the larger Shaperbox ecosystem, but if you don’t have the other modules, you can still use it on its own.

As the name of the plugin suggests, it lets you manipulate the flow of time with a nifty editing window and a vast array of creative options.

You can create everything from tape-stop and scratch effects, to reverse, half-time, and even custom chorus and flange FXs.

I’m honestly a huge Shaperbox fan; I think it’s one of those tools every music producer must have in its arsenal of plugins.

All of the different ‘Shaper’ modules look similar in terms of features, so the learning curve isn’t sharp at all.

A cool option is the multiband mode which lets you apply different effects to various frequency bands.

The main panel on the plugin window is an editable graph with various options to draw your custom shapes and even save them for quick recall.

A killer feature is the audio triggering mode, which tightly tracks the rhythm of drums, loops, and instruments for interactive and musical effects.

The visual feedback is great, too, and the algorithms are top-notch to ensure you don’t get artifacts or aliasing in the processing of your sounds.

TimeShaper 3 is available for both Windows and macOS 64-bit only machines, with VST 2, VST 3, AU, or AAX as formats.

Get the deal: TimeShaper 3 (FREE with any Loopcloud pricing plan)


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  1. The time shaper is really my favorite one although only own it and few others, drive, for example. I have Infiltrator as well and it really mangles stuff, but Shaperbox is so smooth and simple.

  2. I was able to snag this – it’s my third and final freebie from a free 3-month subscription. This one is a lot of fun to play with. Another plus is that Dan Worrall has a video explaining some of the functionality of this one. Great fun. Thanks BPB!

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