Sonible’s Pure:Limit FREE With Any Purchase At Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique offers the pure:limit intelligent limiter plugin by Sonible as a free add-on with any purchase this month.

Who doesn’t love a good dynamics processor? If you’ve been waiting with bated breath at what the next Plugin Boutique freebie might be, your wait is over. This month brings Sonible’s pure:limit, which is free with any purchase for the month of October.

So, what is pure:limit?

If you aren’t familiar with Sonible, they make AI-enhanced mixing utilities, with notable entries like smart:comp 2 and smart:EQ 3 being current favorites.

Pure:limit is decidedly pared down, but acts as a good pre-master limiter. The control set for pure:limit is minimal, but that’s to its benefit. There are three main controls you need to concern yourself with, which are thankfully quite easy to learn.

At the top of the interface, you have a drop-down menu and a large green button. The drop-down menu gives you access to a list of genres, which helps inform the limiter’s decision on how to approach the final step in dynamics for a given track.

If you’re playing over the busiest section of a track, you can mash the green button and let pure:limit works its magic.

After some time passes, usually just a few seconds, mind you, you should have your optimal results. Aside from these main controls, you have a central gain knob which allows you to make fine adjustments to the limiter if you feel like too much of the dynamic range has been lost.

Below the gain knob to the left is the style knob, which helps to further shape the overall dynamic control. You also have an inflate control, which works to impart harmonics to the sound.

Now, I wouldn’t use pure:limit as the final limiter in a mastering situation. Folks concerned with the final polish of a track likely have their own preferred limiters they love.

As a pre-master limiter, I certainly find pure:limit to have some merit. I’m not super fond of the genre guidelines, but that’s more personal preference than anything wrong with the plugin itself.

Still, it’s a fun little limiter that is as simple as can be to operate.

You can get pure:limit free with any purchase over at Plugin Boutique for the month of October.

More info: pure:limit (FREE with any purchase in October)


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