Space Reverb Plugin By SoundGhost Is FREE This Weekend


SoundGhost offers the Space (£19) minimalist reverb plugin as a FREE download this weekend only.

Space is a new reverb plugin designed to be simple while delivering a surprisingly broad spectrum of reverb types.

It has a clean interface with only four knobs: Damping, Width, Size, and Space. The only remaining control is the Freeze switch, which can create unusual sound textures by “freezing” the reverb signal in a constant state.

I appreciate the simplicity of the interface. The controls are extremely simple, yet Space can replicate various types of reverbs, from small room effects to large, echoey spaces.

The Damping knob affects the early reflections and how quickly the reverb fades, allowing for both dull and more airy reverb effects.

The Size feature lets you define the size of the simulated space. Space is surprisingly good at emulating small rooms, which is generally rare among freeware reverbs. I tested it on several drum recordings, and it was fantastic for adding subtle ambiance.

Another area where it shines is short reverbs for vocals. I tested Space on a vocal track and loved how it gently thickens the voice without sounding artificial.

The plugin also includes a handy feature to adjust the stereo width of the reverb. This is useful if you want to keep the reverb signal tighter, for example, when processing bass guitars and synths.

Additionally, Space features a fully resizable interface, which is another plus for its wonderfully simplistic design.

If you need a simple but nice-sounding reverb plugin for your mixing toolkit, hurry up and download Space while it’s free. The plugin will cost £19 after the promo ends. The ending date isn’t clearly indicated on the product page, but this is a weekend-only offer, according to our source.

Space is compatible with VST3 and AU plugin hosts on Windows and macOS. It supports the latest Apple Silicon chips (M1 and M2).

If you’re looking for a more unusual reverb, check out our free BPB Dirty Spring plugin.

Download: Space (FREE for a limited time)


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  1. Yeah.. don’t understand why BPB bothered including this in today’s newsletter, given the fact today is/was Monday the 20th..offer was already over and done before we even read about it.

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