DP-06+ Drum Machine For Kontakt Player Is FREE For A Limited Time!


Deputi Sounds is offering the DP-06+ Kontakt instrument as a free download for a limited time. As it is normally priced at USD 79.00, be sure to grab it for free before the offer is gone!

The DP-06+ is a faithful recreation of the legendary 606 drum machine with some added perks. The sound content was obtained by sampling a vintage 606 in high quality.

The most interesting feature is the company’s trademark DP-06+’s DISRUPT™ feature.

By hitting Disrupt™, the DP-06+’s parameters will shift and generate something completely new and musically inspiring since the variations are tuned to yield musical results. The coolest part is that this feature is spread out in different sections of the instrument for smart randomization possibilities.

The instrument offers a step sequencer with 16 or 32 steps to trigger the individual sounds and create different patterns.

There are 11 sounds to choose from.

Starting from the left and moving to the right, you’ll find Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Low Tom, High Tom, Percussion, Rim-Shot, Clap, Closed Hi-Hat, Open Hi-Hat, Cymbal, and the mighty Synth channel.

The latter stands out since it features a synth sound, not a drum one like the others, with some added dedicated controls. It offers a resonant low-pass filter with the possibility to modulate it with an LFO.

All the individual sounds can be shaped with Volume, Tune, Decay, Reverb, and Delay send effects controls. You can switch each one to one of the 5 kits available for more customization.

The five included kits are the Natural 606 Kit, MPC60 Sample Kit, Amp Saturated Kit, Sp1200 Samples Kit, and Modern Kit. You can get an idea of the original hardware that was sampled to create them.

Talking of the step sequencer, it has 16 pattern slots with controls over note on / velocity, pitch, and swing.

The workflow is enhanced thanks to some useful features like the ability to copy and paste patterns or the possibility to trigger the sequencer by midi note input.

It’s worth noting that the sequencer locks to the DAW clock. And as I mentioned previously, each sound can be sent to reverb and delay units.

There are more than 60 Custom IR reverbs to choose from for maximum flexibility.

The delay unit comes in 5 flavors: Modern, Analog, Tape, Vintage, and Diffusion. Delay controls for syncable delay time, feedback, lowcut, and hicut are included too.

And finally, the Global Master FXs offer Lowpass Filter, Hipass Filter, and Distortion.

DP-06+ is available for the free version of Kontakt 7 Player, running on 64-bit macOS and Windows machines.

Download: DP-06+ (FREE for a limited time)


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