Subs Is A FREE 808 Bass Plugin By Notonik


You can pick up 30 phat bass sounds for free with the new Subs by Notonik V2 plugin.  The plugin is available on the Notonik website, with a name and email required to get the download link.

Notonik states that Subs elevates your tracks with sounds ranging from “thumping 808s to the smoothest of bass lines.”

The plugin features custom distortion effects to enable producers to create their own signature sound. The co-creator Arsiney spoke more about the making of Subs in the launch video.

He said that the basses on the plugin are “basses that were curated specifically to not only have a lot of nuance and a lot of creativity and a lot of really interesting feels, but they’re practical. They’re all basses that can actually work well in your workflow.”

The launch video is quite extensive and features an in-depth walkthrough of the UI and features. It also gives a good idea about the sounds that the plugin provides in the preset preview section.

The UI of Subs features the following controls: Distortion (with linked Gain and Drive controls), master Gain, Chorus, Glide and Cutoff. There’s also an L and R-value indicator.

Smack bang in the middle of the Subs UI is the main Distortion knob, which Arsiney said is designed to enable users to saturate their bass sound and give it some edge to push it forward in the mix, assisting in making it audible on sub-optimal speaker setups. 

The main Distortion knob delivers the punch and gain. The linked Drive control can be used to drive the distortion as hard as you like while the linked Mix knob enables you to blend in the dry signal for clarity.

The amount of distortion on tap at the upper end of the Drive knob is intense, so no matter how spicy you want it, you’ll be served well here.

There is also a Chorus for widening your sound and washing it out a bit.

Glide has three settings, which are Poly, Mono, and Legato, while the Cutoff has optional high pass and low pass filters. 

There are 30 presets included with the plugin, which cover a lot of ground sonically.

The interaction between the Distortion, Chorus, Glide, and Cutoff also enables a very wide array of different sounds, so you can really go to town if you don’t dig the presets.

Download: Subs (FREE)


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