Ben Aylon Offers FREE Thiol Drum Senegal Vol. 1


Ben Aylon offers the Thiol Drum Senegal Vol. 1 sample pack as a free download on Cyber Monday.

The Thiol (pronounced as Tchol) is a Senegalese traditional sabar drum, considered to be one of the oldest drums in West Africa. Its unusually shaped body, not carved fully through, gives it unique timbres and overtones.

In the Thiol Drum Senegal Vol. 1 sample pack, Ben Aylon offers loops, improvisations, massive hits, and one-shots with traditional and modern rhythmic/production approaches. This pack gives creators of all genres a palette of sounds and grooves to enrich their music with a rarely sampled drum. Some samples were captured in a big hall, giving a natural reverb and a unique character.

The Thiol is an accompanying drum in traditional Senegalese ceremonies and pop music called Mbalax, played by Senegalese superstar Youssou Ndour.

It stands out as a lead drum in the tradition of the Serere ethnic group, originally from the Sine Saloume delta area. One of its most important uses is in the traditional Senegalese wrestling called the ‘Laamb,’ which is the most popular sport in Senegal today.

Thiol Drum Senegal Vol. 1 contains 50 drum loops and 97 one-shot samples. All sounds are provided in 24-bit WAV format, so you can use them in any sampler or DAW.

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To download Thiol Drum Senegal Vol. 1, visit the product page linked below and complete the free checkout process. You will receive a ZIP archive containing the WAV samples and loops.

Download: Thiol Drum Senegal Vol. 1


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