Plugin Boutique Offers A Choice Of Five FREE Black Friday Gifts


In celebration of Black Friday, Plugin Boutique offers a free plugin with every qualifying purchase.

While a freebie from Plugin Boutique is nothing new, this particular freebie is even better than usual because we have five to choose from this time.

The featured plugins are:

  • AIR Music Technology’s Drum Synth
  • Tracktion’s Dawesome LOVE
  • Excite Audio’s VISION 4X Lite
  • UJAM’s Mellow 2
  • Universal Audio’s LA-2A Tube Compressor

We have five very different plugins here, which could make your choice easy if you’re in the market for something specific or tricky if you’re not. Universal Audio’s LA-2A plugin has been available for free a few times recently, and hopefully, most of you already have it – leaving just four options to consider!

Drum Synth is a one-stop shop for percussive sound design. The powerful plugin features all elements of a typical drum/percussion track (Kick, Snare, Clap, etc.) and provides multiple adjustable parameters for each.

You can also add effects to sculpt the perfect synth-generated one-shots. Drum Synth also features genre-specific presets to help you get started.

Dawesome LOVE is a multi-effects plugin with a granular engine that allows you to create everything from shimmering soundscapes to choppy rhythmic patterns.

LOVE features Filter, Shimmer, Delay, Chorus, Clouds, and Phaser sections that combine to deliver a wide range of custom effects.

VISION 4X Lite is the entry-level version of Excite Audio’s spectral analysis plugin, VISION 4X. VISION 4X Lite features a real-time HD visual analyzer, ten color maps, and customizable frequency and dB ranges for spectral analysis.

You can also sync the analysis timeframe to your DAW and freeze/zoom for more precise visualization.

UJAM’s Mellow 2 is a virtual bassist that delivers the unmistakable sound of the double bass. I love the sound of acoustic bass, and although we’ve had a few bass freebies before, I’m always keen to find out if the next one sounds more authentic than the last.

Mellow 2 offers 60 styles (20 more than the original release) and 1380 phrases with fifteen finisher multi-effect modes. You can use the built-in presets and phrases or play the instrument freely to create an ideal accompaniment for various genres, notably Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, etc.

To claim your free gift, just make any paid purchase at Plugin Boutique (it cannot be a free product). You can’t pay in full with coupons or virtual cash, but anything less than 100% is fine.

Don’t forget to try our new BPB Dirty VHS plugin, and if you have any Plugin Boutique purchase suggestions to share with others (any deals that stand out to you), feel free to leave them in the comments.

Check out the deal: Black Friday Gifts (FREE plugins with any purchase at Plugin Boutique until November 30th)


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  1. The UJAm bass would be fine if it was vst3, but no, it’s just vst2, it’s today’s bread and tomorrow’s garbage. It already happened to me with SPARKLE that they made vst3 in version 2 and the update from version 1 is almost more expensive than the full version of version 2. Some thieves, and to think that it was a company that made me very excited by buying many. of its accessories. Now I don’t even want them as gifts.

        • Does Cubase 13 support VST2 plug-ins?

          Yes, Cubase 13 supports VST2 plug-ins on Windows and Intel Macs. Apple Silicon Macs only support VST2 in Rosetta 2, not in the native mode.

      • For a while now I’ve only used VST3 plugins.

        VST2 in a while will surely be forgotten, like when you used 32-bit VST2.

        Then your current projects will be a problem when you want to edit them for some reason.

        Furthermore, and I have to be honest, UJAM is a company that has failed me when it comes to selling me products and their subsequent service.

        IF, in the VST3 era, you sell me your plugin in VST2 version, the only thing I expect is that you give me a free update when you release it to the market.

        What UJAM did was _”version change” with an update that costs the same as if you bought the full version.

        Never again with UJAM

  2. Heads up to anyone who is broke (or cheap!) – there are some Playbeat expansion packs for $5.00 on Plugin Boutique. This is the cheapest thing I found. You also have a few KLANG instruments for Kontakt for $6.00. There’s also the CFA Sound Grip Valve Drive compressor for $6.50 I believe.

    If you happen to have some reward points or tokens to exchange for points, you can walk away with some sweet plugins for next to nothing but you can’t use only points or the gift will disappear. So leave a balance of $.50 for whatever or you’ll spend your points and get no gift.

    I ended up using my points for two separate orders and got Dawesome’s Love, Mellow by UJAM, the CFA compressor and a Playbeat Exp pack for a grand total of….$.90 (cents)! LOL

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