Black Friday Plugin Deals 2023 For Music Producers


Black Friday 2023 is still a few weeks away, but hundreds of deals for music producers are already live! Follow BPB’s daily Black Friday coverage for the latest deals, discounts, and freebie offers on VST plugins, soundware, Kontakt libraries, and studio gear.

We review and handpick the best Black Friday deals and freebies for music producers so you don’t get overwhelmed with thousands of unnecessary options.

Our curated Black Friday 2023 deals page is updated daily with new offers and discounts until the end of November.

You can also enter our Black Friday Giveaway with over $2,000 worth of music production prizes.

The Black Friday deals page is organized into three sections:

  • Software Deals (featuring discounted VST plugins and digital audio workstations);
  • Soundware Deals (featuring discounted sample packs and Kontakt libraries);
  • Hardware Deals (featuring discounted studio gear);
  • Freebies (featuring free plugins and sample libraries).

The no-brainer deals are highlighted in red, and deals on recommended products are highlighted in yellow. Expired deals are crossed out. Look for the 🆕 icon to find the latest Black Friday deals.

We invite you to share your favorite deals and offers in the comments below (thank you! ❤️). The best suggestions will be added to the article.

Also, we recently surveyed over 900 music producers about Black Friday. Check out the survey results on this page.

Let the Black Friday 2023 season on BPB officially begin!

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Black Friday Deals 🔥

Find the best Black Friday audio software and soundware deals in the section below.

Top 5 Best Black Friday Deals For Music Producers

If you’re in a hurry, here is the TL;DR version of our Black Friday discount list. These are the five absolutely best Black Friday music production deals in 2023.

Scroll down the page to find all the latest deals and Black Friday freebies.

$29 Black Friday Bundle Sale (95% OFF)

Get Native Instruments Super 8 FREE With A Loopcloud Subscription

Plugin Boutique offers the Black Friday Bundle with eleven individual plugins and 4.5 GB of samples. The bundle costs only $29 and comes with a free gift of your choice.

The bundle contains a variety of virtual instruments and effects, including the Super 8 synthesizer by Native Instruments and the bx_masterdesk mastering effect by Brainworx.

You also get the Lifeline Expanse Lite multi-effect, the amazing Rift Filter Lite by Minimal Audio and more.

Soundtoys Black Friday Sale (80% OFF)


Soundtoys makes some of the best audio effects on the plugin market, and you can get them for 80% off during the Black Friday sale.

Prices start at $29 for legendary Soundtoys plugins like Radiator, MicroShift, and Devil-Loc Deluxe (so good on drums!).

You can also grab the entire Soundtoys collection for $249 for a limited time. It’s one of my go-to sets of audio plugins for sound design and mixing.

And don’t forget that the Little Plate reverb plugin by Soundtoys is FREE until December!

UAD Studio Edition Bundle (50% OFF)

UAD Minimoog

UAD doesn’t need an introduction. One of the leading plugin companies recently published native versions of its plugins, meaning that you don’t need UAD hardware to run them in your DAW.

So, now is the perfect time to upgrade your audio toolkit with the UAD Studio Edition bundle. The bundle costs $249.50 while on sale and includes 33 plugins (you will pay $7.50 per plugin).

Get legendary plugins like the Moog Minimoog (the UAD plugin version sounds incredibly close to the original), Lexicon 244 Digital Reverb, Teletronix LA-3A Audio Leveler, and many more.

Also, UAD recently released their LUNA DAW for free on macOS.

Emergent Drums AI Drum Plugin (80% OFF)

Get Emergent Drums For 80% Off For A Limited Time
Get 80% off the groundbreaking Emergent Drums plugin by Audialab.

Emergent Drums uses AI technology to generate unlimited new drum sounds. You can tweak and shape the generated drums and export them as WAV samples for further processing in your favorite DAW.

It’s a superb tool for developing new and unusual percussion in seconds.

Softube Black Friday Sale (80% OFF)

Softube Tape

You can get your hands on some of Softube’s top-notch plugins at unbeatable prices during the Black Friday sale.

Save up to 80% on essential tools like the Bus Processor, a must-have for your mixing needs, the Model 82 for authentic analog synth recreation, and the American Class A console mixing channel.

Softube’s renowned Tape plugin is priced at just $35 during the sale, and it’s one of the best saturation plugins on the market.

Software Deals – Black Friday 2023 💻

Soundware Deals – Black Friday 2023 🔊

Hardware Deals – Black Friday 2023 🎛️

Freebies – Black Friday 2023 🎁

  • Loopcloud offers the Super 8 plugin by Native Instruments for FREE with any subscription, starting at $2 for two months.
  • Plugin Boutique offers a free plugin with any purchase until November 20th. Get VISION 4X Lite, UAD LA-2A, or UJAM Mellow 2 for free.
  • Plugin Boutique offers Audiomodern Freezr as a free add-on when you purchase another Audiomodern product.
  • ADSR Sounds offers Animate by Mastering the Mix as a free add-on with any purchase in November.
  • VSTBuzz offers The LO.VE. Piano for Kontakt Player for free.
  • Soundtoys offers the Little Plate reverb plugin as a free download until December 1st.
  • AIR Music Tech offers the Bassline plugin for free for a limited time!
  • Native Instruments offers the Ozone 11 Mastering EQ by iZotope for free.
  • In Session Audio offers the Fruit Shake library for Kontakt Player for free until November 21st.
  • Chiqui-Audio offers free Serum presets as part of its Black Friday promotion.
  • 8DIO offers the 1928 Steinway Grand Piano for Native Instruments Kontakt for FREE!
  • Karanyi Sounds offers the Electric Keys electric piano instrument for FREE for a limited time.
  • Arturia offers the Augmented Strings Intro virtual instrument for FREE on Audio Plugin Deals!
  • Boom Library offers the Processed Impacts sound library for FREE!
  • SoundGhost offers the Space reverb plugin for FREE for a limited time.
  • DP-06+ drum machine library for Kontakt Player is FREE for a limited time.
  • Phil Speiser offers The_Build plugin for FREE until November 23rd.
  • Karanyi Sounds offers the Space reverb plugin for FREE with any purchase.
  • Decent Samples released FREE Casio PT-10 x Dictaphone sample library.
  • Splash Sound offers the Indie Voices and Old School Keys sound libraries for Kontakt Player for free until December 8th.
  • Waves Audio offers free Silk Vocal on Black Friday!

When is Black Friday 2023? 📅

Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. In recent decades, it has become a global shopping phenomenon and the time of the year with the most sales, special discounts, and limited-time product offers.

Black Friday 2023 is on November 24th. However, in the music software industry, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales start almost a month before the actual Black Friday.

You will find all the latest music production deals on this page.

Black Friday 2023 – Survey Results 📊

We recently surveyed over 900 music producers about Black Friday. Here are the most interesting findings:

  • Only 10.5% of music producers feel negatively about Black Friday in general. The majority (67.1%) feel positive about Black Friday, and less than a quarter (22.4%) are neutral.
  • When asked about Black Friday in the context of music production, only 4.7% of music producers felt negatively. The vast majority (80%) feel positive about Black Friday in the context of music production.
  • Around half (53.9%) of music producers feel the same level of excitement about Black Friday 2023 as in previous years. However, almost a third (29%) stated that they are more excited about this year’s Black Friday than previously.
  • Almost half (48.2%) of surveyed music producers are certain that they will make a music production-related purchase on Black Friday this year. Only 13.9% are certain that they won’t buy anything.
  • Interestingly, more than three quarters (76.2%) of music producers said they intentionally delayed purchasing music gear and software earlier in the year to take advantage of a Black Friday sale.
  • Less than a third (29.3%) of music producers have a specific budget for Black Friday purchases.
  • When asked about the minimum discount percentage that would entice them to make a music production-related purchase on Black Friday, the most popular answer (35.7%) was a 50-75% discount. Only 5.4% of music producers would be happy with a 10-25% discount.
  • Over two-thirds (67.8%) of surveyed music producers will primarily focus on purchasing music production software on Black Friday. Only 12.1% are planning to purchase studio gear, and 20% are planning to upgrade their soundware collection.
  • Over half (58%) of music producers said they discover Black Friday deals on websites like Bedroom Producers Blog and others. Only a small percentage (6.1%) use online forums to discover Black Friday deals. Interestingly, only 16.3% searched for Black Friday offers on social media.
  • Of those who weren’t neutral, over 99% of surveyed music producers said they were happy with Bedroom Producers Blog’s Black Friday coverage in the previous years. Thank you!
  • Only 25.6% felt that Black Friday discounts are unfair to those customers who purchase music production products at full price during the rest of the year.
  • Interestingly, most (70%) music producers said they never regretted a music production purchase made during Black Friday.
  • Lastly, less than half (43.1%) felt that Black Friday sales pressure music producers and musicians into purchasing gear they don’t necessarily need or can’t afford.

We hope you’ll enjoy Bedroom Producers Blog’s coverage of Black Friday 2023. Please share your favorite deals and offers in the comments below. We will add the best suggestions to the article.

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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Thank you very much, Tomislav, for putting all this work into assembling and streamlining the deals! Very much appreciated.
    I have actually sworn to myself that this year I will only buy something if I really need it. But I doubt that I can keep it up.
    Best regards

  2. Harpsichord by SONiVOX at about €3, maybe the cheapest way to get any of the freebies on offer from Plugin Boutique ?

    • I get stressed out when shops start showcasing and selling Christmas stuff already at the end of September.

      That is how it used to be.

      However in the new Millennium with Internet and Social Media, Halloween and Black Friday have given a new lease of life to October and November for me :-D

  3. Unless it’s cheap hardware, i”m over purchasing software full stop. The prices are crazy for most of them. The sales are a rotate a con and the DRM restrictions are messy. I think the whole market is going to implode.

    • Agreed.

      The only thing I buy is sample libraries of acoustic instruments, and only very specific ones I need, and very occasionally. I’d buy an upgrade to Era II if one is made, and possibly a few other select ones from Eduardo Tarilonte, such as a single accordion or possibly Celtic Era. And perhaps solo woodwinds and eventually brass from Spitfire. But I have most of what I need already: Ample guitars and basses, BFD, Spitfire Abbey Road Two strings, and various other things picked up over the years, mostly free.

      I never saw any point in new compressors, for example, if you already have one or two you like (for me that’s Kotelnikov). Buying EQs is even more pointless.

      When it comes to effect vst’s, I’d primarily be interested in something from Klanghelm or TDR. And even then only if it actually produces new sounds. Always open to new saturators /manglers if they do something interesting like Tantrum or something supremely pretty and useful like SDRR.

      Chris from Airwindows and Rex Basterfield from Quilcom produce about a hundred times more interesting new things than most of the big companies combined.

    • I completely agree – pricing in general, sales, bundle discounts are all a joke now and it ruins what was once a fun hobby. It’s become a wild west and it would basically be a full time job to make sure you never get ripped off! Hopefully if more customers start voting with their feet and walking away, things might change.

    • I agree, prices for stupid too many vst is insane!!!
      AND they make us believe they are doing us a favour on Black Friday by reducing the price. The truth is that even with that reduced price, that plugin is only worth 1/3 of that price.
      They are not doing us any favors, there will be only a couple of trully geniune companies who would offer real discounts with real prices on black friday, everything else is just pure bs!

  4. These libraries work with Kontakt Player.

    Thunder Drum

    Superball – Freebie

    Strezov Sampling:
    JADE Ethnic Orchestra Xiao Freebie
    BALKAN Ethnic Orchestra Duduk Freebie
    THUNDER X3M Taiko Freebie

    • Correction: they have it in their newsletter linking to the free download, but just recently I thought it went on sale for $5, so either way. Free for now.

  5. IK Multimedia The T-RackS Pultec EQ-P licenses arrived and are free via Producer Secrets (AKA Beat Magazine)

    How to get the licenses:
    (1) Go to their serial center and choose Producer Secrets from the dropdown (last entry).
    (2) Check IK Multimedia T-RackS EQP-1A.
    (3) Enter your mail address (no need to subscribe to the newsletter).
    (4) Further instructions in the mail (if needed)

    Please don’t share the password, then they cannot have such giveaways in the future

  6. Fracture Sounds released Greenhead Chimes,
    their second free blueprint series instrument for Kontakt Player

  7. Cinematic Collection For Omnisphere by Tom Wolfe (66% OFF) is expired. I don’t believe this was a BF deal in the first place.

  8. Delete this if you don’t like it…

    I just donated 25 Euro to Terry West for 67 of his Fx Plugins (x64 VST2+3). Terry gave everyone countless quality 32 bit plugins for free in the past. I think he deserves a round of applause for his work.

    Nevertheless, 67 plugins for 25 Euro is a pretty good deal.

    • Good catch. I used his plugins back in the day, and they’re a nice selection of plugins to be have around if you can look past some of the dated GUIs (which I actually think are kinda cool in an x86 sorta way,) especially for €25.
      It should be noted though that it says on his site that his plugins are “…not compatible with Presonus Studio One,” which unfortunately is now a deal-breaker for me as Studio One is my main DAW.
      (On a slight tangent, it’s kind of odd, the seemingly random companies whose plugins can’t function in Studio One. I’ve seen a few of the companies whose plugins deadass don’t work in Studio One claim that it’s PreSonus’ fault for the way the DAW is scripted, and I’ve read PreSonus responses to user queries in which they place the blame squarely on the companies and their scripting—obviously paraphrasing, but that’s the gist—so I guess we get to flip a coin on who’s to blame.)

  9. A few Black Friday sales windows, if they aren’t already listed:

    • Gospel Musicians Nov 13 – Nov 30
    • DDMF Nov 17 – Dec 07
    • Black Rooster Nov 13 – Dec 06
    • Klevgrand Nov 16 – Dec 06
    • Audio Damage Nov 13 – Dec 04

  10. I’m not sure when it was posted, or if it’s redundant, but Yum Audio’s four-plugin Light series can now be acquired for free by giving them your email (or “an” email,) to send the download links to. I only post this up because previously, I’d only seen them as giveaways with a purchase on Plugin Boutique, etc., or occasionally offered individually for free.

  11. With a spectrogram, for instance, which actually relates to the sound unlike the typical crosseyed inbred cretinism, you might for instance draw a line across an imaqe from bottom left to top right. Since left to right is time, up an ddown is frequency, brightness is loudness, it’s quite easy to understand that makes a tone that linearly changes from low frequency to high frequency. “audio engineers” are too stupid for that though. Now, can you imagine how that can be used for an EQ, limiter, compressor, arbitrary filter, synth, etc?

    • Good catch, I was just gonna post that.
      Fuse Audio Labs’ entire line-up is quality. Their pre-amps are go-tos of mine, but that VREV-305 reverb unit is amazing, especially on… well, everything, honestly.

    • I’ve been using this since it dropped, and go back to check for updates from time to time, and I’ve never seen it not-free… but maybe I just got lucky?
      That said, this is a *quality* plugin. And s/o to Apogee, one of the few companies who (along with PSPaudiioware, Nembrini, MIA Laboratories, etc.,) use iLOK, but *don’t iLOK their free plugin(s). <3

  12. With the time-frame listed as a “Limited-time Opportunity”, Ben Aylon (One Man Tribe) has a 50% Off Sale on his site, which brings the Full Catalog Bundle of 33 Drum and Percussion packs, totaling 8GB of 2,473 Loops & 1,424 One-Shots, including Multi-tracks, down to $20. Alternately, you can buy one of the three smaller bundles which contain the same packs, which are 50% Off too, bringing them to $10 apiece (essentially, the Full bundle saves you $10.)

    [insert fire emoji here] ;)

  13. Here some more additions:

    Kush Audio: Up to 60% off of all products and bundles

    Monkey Rewind: Your Studios Black Box. Records all audio and midi in the background and lets you quickly drop everything into your DAW. Ideal to get audio from youtube and/or spotify into your daw. Currently 50% off (24,95)

    McDSP: Up to 75% off. Especially interesting: “6030 Ultimate Compressor” which is 10 different compressor styles in one plugin and “6020 Ultimate EQ” which is 10 different EQ styles in one plugin. Each for $29.

    SIR Audio: 50% off of selected products and bundles

    DDMF Plugindoctor: For everybody who wants to understand what exactly all the plugins are doing sonically. 40% off

    Techivation: Up to 75% off

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