ViatorDSP Releases FREE Duplex Comp Lite Dynamics Plugin


ViatorDSP released Duplex Comp Lite, a freeware serial compressor plugin for Windows and macOS.

Serial compression is nothing new in the world of audio processing. That said, ViatorDSP’s new Duplex Comp Lite plugin simplifies the workflow by marrying three processors in a tidy little interface.

A paid version of this plugin comes with several bonuses, such as factory presets, oversampling, and tooltips for explaining the interface itself.

If you don’t mind missing those elements, the free version is more than worth downloading.

Duplex Comp Lite’s first dynamics processor is a VCA compressor, which has the jack-of-all-trade qualities you might expect.

The VCA works for most dynamics needs and gets grabby enough when adjusting the attack and release accordingly. It is fast enough to catch vocal peaks, though you might prefer a FET emulation for faster response times.

Both Units One and Two can operate as a VCA or optical compressor. You’ve got a fair amount of control across the board, with adjustable knee, attack, release, and other assorted controls.

In practice, I couldn’t find many complaints when using Duplex Comp Lite on a wide variety of sound sources. It can handle bus work with ease while keeping things nice and compact.

The signal flow ends with Rent Control or a limiter. I wouldn’t use this one for mastering purposes, but it is a nice inclusion. You can get that final loudness push out of a bus without reaching for other plugins.

Controls are a bit lean, with a threshold and release present for the limiter itself.

Duplex Comp Lite continues ViatorDSP’s trend toward full-featured free mixing processors. The GUI is clear and quick to read, and each control is clearly labeled.

I do think the paid version merits some mention as having the ability to oversample might be nice if you’re working at lower sample rates.

I would appreciate some output saturation of some sort, just for the added character to really make this a tool I’d reach for more often. However, I love how quickly you can work with the dynamics processors.

Everything has a fair amount of control aside from Rent Control.

Duplex Comp Lite is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are AU and VST3.

Download: Duplex Comp Lite (FREE)


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  1. Peter Dillon-Parkin


    I may be stupid (very likely), but I’ve put one of their plugins into my cart. The page says, “Windows: Download the windows zip file from this post, unzip the zip file on your PC, copy/move the resulting .vst3 file to your plugin folder. The default location is here: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3.” There is no zip file that I can see. Any ideas? I’ve tried Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft browsers… zero.

    • .exe only!
      Install Instructions:
      Windows: Download the windows installer from the post and double-click it, and it will install. You will have to allow Windows Defender to install it by clicking “more info”, that’s it!

    • Peter Dillon-Parkin


      Fixed this myself. The item I wanted already had a figure in the Name a fair price: field. If you overwrite it, you can access the cart and download it. If anyone has a contact address for the developer, Landon, it might be nice to tell him there is a “ghost” amount in the field for the Voice Leveler.

    • Thanks :-)

      On windows I note that the installer let one specify VST folder. But as there is only a VST3, be sure to let the installer put it in the Common Files VST3 folder. I thought it was a VST2 so I told the installer to put it in my regular VST folder, and then it didn’t show up in FL Studio. I had to move it to Common Files VST3 folder to make FL Studio see it.

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    • Michal Ochedowski


      A nice offer, but the eq is buggy. Been there, tried to solve it with Hornet’s support. Ticket closed with no solution, only acknowledgement that something was not right.

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