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bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Parametric Equalizer VST Plugins

bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Parametric Equalizer VST Plugins

In this latest addition to our VST Plugin Dirctory, I’ve tried covering the best freeware parametric equalizer VST plugins. In case I’ve missed your favorite free parametric EQ, please suggest it in the comments section below.

Note that there is a separate article covering freeware graphic equalizer VST plugins. If you’d like to learn more about different types of EQs check out this great article by Ethan Winer. And here’s my favorite tutorial covering the subject of equalization in digital audio. Ok, on to the freebies now!

Follow the links for more info:

My Top 3 picks are SonEQ for creative purposes, ReaEQ for high precision tasks, and EasyQ for all-around use. I also like BootEQ a lot, it’s great for coloring, and IIEQ which is another fantastic plugin and slowly becoming my next go-to EQ.

Many thanks to Luciano and ronnie for suggesting NCL Phase EQ and Solid4010.

Audio Comparison

Here’s an audio comparison of some of the freeware parametric EQs included in this article. Hopfully I’ll soon make a new file which will include all the plugins.

All the plugins were set to boost 6db at 2kHz, with approximately same Q settings (it’s not the same on all plugins, I’ve tried to match it as closely as possible while listening). Here’s the timeline for the comparison:

  1. Original loop (0:00 – 0:08)
  2. IIEQ (0:08 – 0:16)
  3. Electri-Q (0:16 – 0:24)
  4. AQ1 (0:24 – 0:32)
  5. ReaEQ (0:32 – 0:40)
  6. EasyQ (0:40 – 0:48)
  7. Solid4010 (0:48 – 0:56)
  8. MEqualizer (0:56 – 1:04)
  9. BootEQ (1:04 – 1:12)
  10. SonEQ (1:12 – 1:20)
  11. PushTec 5+1A (1:20 – 1:28)

Hope you’ve enjoyed the article and found some nice plugins for your home studio. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and support BPB by sharing links to this article on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or favorite forums. Happy mixing!

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