Fuse Audio Labs Releases RS-W2395C FREE Baxandall Equalizer Plugin


Fuse Audio Labs has released W2395C, a freeware VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin that closely emulates the vintage W2395c hardware equalizer.

RS-W2395C is an emulation of W2395c, a classic hardware Baxandall EQ model from the 1950s. The software was developed in collaboration with Roger Schult who is the creator of the original unit. RS-W2395C is an audio plugin compatible with all major digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

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Modeled closely after its hardware counterpart, the RS-W2395C features a pair of active Baxandall tone controls for high and low frequencies along with a semi-parametric mid-band filter. The low-pass and high-pass filters come with three selectable frequency ranges. The mid-band, on the other hand, is continuously sweepable between 155 Hz and 3.5 kHz with a three-position switch for the Q-factor.

The plugin version of W2395C does introduce a couple of new features, though. The drive control is added as a tool for applying some analog saturation and grit to the equalizer’s otherwise pristinely clean and smooth tone character. The trim control is there to adjust the audio level on the input. Finally, the bypass switch is added for easier A/B comparisons while equalizing a track.

RS-W2395c is a musical-sounding equalizer plugin. It is suitable for broad tonal adjustments and enhancing the character of a recording while gently polishing the bass and treble frequencies. Baxandall EQs are great for processing vocals and shaping guitars, adjusting the sub-bass in recorded bass lines, or adding interest to synthesizer recordings.

RS-W2395C's user interface resembles that of the hardware unit.

RS-W2395C’s user interface resembles that of the hardware unit.

Download RS-W2395c completely free of charge via Fuse Audio Labs. The software does not need to be registered nor activated. The downloaded ZIP archive contains the EXE installer which simply extracts the plugin files to the desired location on the hard drive.

More info: RS-W2395c (3.73 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. Great stuff! They also run a sale on their compressor plugins and you can grab some of their highly renown comps for a no-brainer price.

  2. corrosiveabuser


    This plug is superb, I own 4 of their plugins already and I would have gladly paid for this one too.

    Fuse plugs really capture the essence of the rare devices they are replicating, devices that all have an extremely musical character. Even when abused and pushed into high saturation the sounds produced are amazingly warm and analogue in tone. The Fuse Bucket-500 delay is one of my favourite delays when working ITB, – simple, highly effective, and gorgeous on synthesiser sequences and modular-drum percussion.

    Thanks again

    • corrosiveabuser



      My favourites are the VQA-154 equaliser, not at all like an average eq, it’s a real smooth eq that kind of saturates the frequencies rather than boosting/cutting them. Definitely not a surgical tool, but I don’t know of any other ITB eq that does what it does.

      Use the Bucket-500 all the time, i like simple, intuitive delays, and this one really delivers that BBD kind of tone, and adding the +3db option on the feedback pushes it into some really gorgeous, sonic degradation.

      Also like the VL-373, another really easy plugin to use, and it’s sublime on the drum bus, – but also works quite nicely on any source, – I don’t know about vocals and guitars though, all my projects are dark electronica, or industrial atmospheric stuff…

      I ain’t no professional btw, – but I have been messing with synths, samplers and outboard since ’86, only been working ITB for 4yrs.

      For me the Fuse stuff fills in the gaps not covered by the likes of Airwindows, Klanghelm and Valhalla DSP, and unlike many of the better known developer-houses out there, – this stuff never loses it’s flavour, or gets in the way of the original source material…

      Hopefully sone of my babbling might be useful to you,

      Take care, be well

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        Thanks for the input! I’ve been keeping an eye on the Bucket-500 delay for some time now. It looks like a good replacement for the arcDev Noise Industries ET-301 delay which is discontinued. I’ll probably go ahead and grab the Bucket-500 if there’s a Black Friday sale.

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