Best Free Stereo Enhancer/Expander VST/AU Plugins


bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Stereo Enhancer/Expander VST/AU Plugins

Continuing the bpb Freeware Studio series after a bit of pause, here’s a list of the best freeware VST/AU plugins designed for stereo enhancement purposes.

There are plenty of useful free stereo expander tools available both for Windows and Mac which is great, but please be careful – tools like these can either make or seriously break your mix!

Follow the links for screenshots & download info:

My go-to plugin for this sort of stuff is Stereoizer Free. Simple interface and handy controls for preventing phasing issues make it a perfect tool for quick and easy stereo enhancement tasks.

Stereoizer PRO by Hbasm.

Stereoizer PRO by Hbasm.

For those careful and subtle tweaks on full mixes, Rescue  by Variety Of Sound is the way to go. This plugin will help brush up the stereo image slightly, without messing it up like a stereo tsunami. The PRO version has a additional filter controls, useful for keeping the focus in the bass frequencies.

RescueAE by Variety Of Sound.

RescueAE by Variety Of Sound.

Those are my two favorites, but make sure you check out the other plugins on the list too, especially Stereo Tool, bx_solo and MStereoExpander which are often praised on audio forums.

bx_solo by Brainworx.

bx_solo by Brainworx.

And that’s all for today. Did you like the article? Have I missed any good freeware stereo expander plugins? Leave your replies in the comments section below!

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  1. My fav is Stereoizer too ;)
    Effective and not destructive.
    But i only use it on individual instruments.

    Sometimes, especially with synths with bad onboard effect, sound is too mono.
    You end disabling them and using outboard ones.
    But with this plugin, i obtained very good results with weak chorus, too mono reverb…

    If you want to use this kind of tools on a full mix, find a multiband one and only use it on the mids/highs, not bass domain.
    GMulti can do multiband stereo widening ;)

    You can still create a stereo bass with multiband stereo by applying a medium widening on the mids and broad one on the highs.
    Human brain will think all the bass is stereo ;)

  2. I’m not an expert on stereo widening, still I use it a lot. For quick widening I mostly use Cubase 6s internal Stereo Enhancer plugin. I didn’t find any phase fuckup even when checking it with a pro analyzing tool.

    Can anyone say something about Cubases tool? Of course I use Rescue as well, but only in special situations… I like to keep it simple but I like to keep is as good as possible too. So I’m not sure if I need any other VST to wide my stereo up.

    • bedroom producers blog on

      Never used Cubase myself tbh, so I can’t really help there. Should be fine though if you didn’t detect any phase issues!

  3. Stereoizer/ bx solo/ADT Hands down on every song that I do.

    Stereoizer puts it in left right and middle. ADT for just left right no middle. And BX just to spread something.

  4. Nice article, Thanks I’ll be sure to check them out and add 1 or maybe 2 to my plug in collection. You should do an article on mastering so I can start to learn, Your very good at simplifying things lol

  5. Voxengo MSED (like BX solo) is a mid/side plug, but as you can put it “in line ” mode, you can boost/cut side, and so it create kind of widening.
    But it is a mid/side trick.If the sound is mono…it still mono :D

  6. Karl Thunder Axe on

    my #1 stereo plugin and secret weapon is mda stereo. it’s a GUI-less little utility plug but it creates the most amazing mono-compatible stereo effect from mono sources. it does so by using comb filtering to essentially split the signal into frequency bands, and then alternately panning those bands left and right. you can also choose to delay or modulate them for greater separation.

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