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Sleepy-Time DSP VST plugin archive!

Dustin Ralston from Sleepy-Time DSP has recently announced that he has stopped further development of VST plugins. This was sad news for me, because his freeware VST plugins were among the most useful out there, beautifully designed and optimized for fast performance.

In agreement with Dustin, I’ve created an archive of Sleepy-Time DSP plugins below. They are still available for free download from the official website and the download links on BPB will serve as backup mirrors.

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If you appreciate Dustin’s work on these fantastic freeware tools, you can still leave a donation in his Tip Jar. I would like to personally thank Dustin for all the fantastic freeware releases so far and here’s hoping that we will see more VST plugins from him in the future!

The freeware tools listed below are available in 32-bit and 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows based digital audio workstations.

MonoChannel / StereoChannel

StereoChannel by Dustin Ralston.
MonoChannel and StereoChannel are high quality metering tools with basic console channel controls. Use these two freeware tools to easily achieve proper gain staging in your audio projects, with VU meter simulation, LR and MS balancing, ±24 dB gain control and stereo phase correlation metering.

Download: MonoChannel (1.01 MB) / StereoChannel (1.22 MB)


Lisp by Sleepy-Time DSP.
Lisp is a high precision freeware de-esser plugin which uses the advanced transient detection algorithm from Sleepy-Time DSP’s Transient plugin (featured below). The plugin ranked #9 in our list of the best free VST plugins from 2013.

Download: Lisp (1.38 MB)


Transient by Sleepy-Time DSP.
Transient is a unique transient shaper VST plugin which works by detecting quick changes in the incoming signal regardless of its amplitude level. The plugin was an entry in KVR Developer Challenge 2012 and it is also included in our round-up of freeware transient shaper VST plugins.

Download: Transient (4.34 MB)


Crosstalk2 by Sleepy-Time DSP.
Crosstalk2 is a simple plugin designed to simulate the “crosstalk” channel-bleed effect on analog systems. Some believe crosstalk adds a “glue-like” quality to the sound, helping the mix come together. To achieve this effect, place the plugin on your DAW’s master track and/or stereo busses and adjust the AMOUNT knob to dial in the desired amount.

Download: Crosstalk2 (2.69 MB)

DualPanner / Polarity

DualPanner VST Plugin By Sleepy-Time DSP!

DualPanner is a simple stereo panning effect in VST plugin format. You can use it to individually pan both sides of the stereo signal, as well as for stereo width control and pan law control.

Polarity is a simple VST plugin which allows the user to adjust the polarity of an audio signal.

Download: DualPanner (638 kB) / Polarity (575 kB)

All the plugins on this page are hosted on BPB with permission of the original author. Visit our free VST plugin directory for more freeware tools!

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      Yeah, they’re very easy to control and I find them incredibly useful in various mixing situations.

  1. WOW! This transient shaper looks incredible! Any chance for us to see a mac port of these plugins?

    Wouldn’t be very complicated using VSTGUI…

  2. Thankyou this is exactly what ive been looking for uncluttered does what it says Designmanship..excellent stuff!..cheers.. Phil eFF

  3. I downloaded these, but there’s numerous option in StereoChannel that it seems I can’t use. As in, they seem to be disabled. Is there something I need to do to register or unlock the software?

    for simplicity’s sake, you can email me at [email protected]

    • Oh, I see ……… That’s just with the VST3 version of the plugin. The normal 64-bit VST2 works just fine.
      Others might want to be aware of that tho, just in case. :)
      Thanks for archiving these man! :)

    • Are the MonoChannel / StereoChannel compatible with windows 10??? They are not being recognized???