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1.5GB Of Free Acoustic Drum Samples Released By Signals Audio

Signals Audio has released SCC Drums, which contains all of their previously commercial sample packs now available under the Creative Commons/Public Domain license.

I made all my drum samples I’ve made up to date Creative Commons/Public Domain. Cheers!

The samples are available for free download via Signals Audio (1.5GB download size, 24-bit WAV format). The pack also includes Kontakt, Trigger and Drumagog mappings.

This is huge! I remember testing Signals Audio’s old The Cracken snare sample pack and really liking the sound. Now all of their (previously commercial) products can be used for free!

Many thanks to Signals Audio for doing this! You might also want to check out their recently released Zombass II sample collection if you’re looking for bass guitar samples.

Audio Demo

Check out LeSmack audio demo:


Download Free Acoustic Drum Samples: click here

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