Free Sample Shootout #6: Best Free Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses


Today’s edition of Free Sample Shootout features a list of the best free guitar cab IRs (guitar cabinet impulse responses).

Just in case some of you are unsure of what these are, here’s a short explanation.

An impulse response, or an IR, is just a simple audio file containing a recording of a signal being played through a certain piece of equipment or in a certain space. Take a listen to an impulse response file and you’ll discover that it doesn’t sound like much. BUT, load it up in an IR loader and you will get a faithful sonic recreation of the very piece of equipment or the space in which the IR was recorded. The process which makes this possible is called convolution, and it basically allows you to take a snapshot of a particular frequency response and then apply it to other sounds.

Anyway,  I’m not sure if me and my awesome Engrish skills have successfuly explained all of that well enough, so if it’s still not properly clear, take a read to this well-written thread on the Guitar Amp Modelling forum. And here’s another great article about convolution by EarLevel Engineering.

If you’re looking for free guitar amp sims, check out BPB’s free guitar amp simulator VST plugins list.

And if it’s all clear now, here’s the best-of list of free guitar cab IRs:

That’s it, and I think it’s more than enough! Free convolution software will be covered in an upcoming edition of bpb Freeware Studio, but for now I suggest you try Voxengo Boogex or LePou LeCab. Put these IRs to good use, subscribe to BPB and share this on Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, or your favorite forums.

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  1. I may sound like an a**hole, but from all my experimentation, you only need few cab impulses.

    I only use Catharsis Studio, because they are very well done and few to choose from (less time loss).

    When you stack impulses, different mics and such, you are just simply loosing your time. It is a good thing to learn in the studio, but not on DI track or reamp.
    Take only few GOOD impulses already stacked for you (no phase troubles, no freq gaps, dry ambiance…) and the only thing you need after them is just EQ.
    IR are linear, so everything is just frequency mask over time with ambiance. Nebula “impulses” and real mics are a different animal, because there is dynamic interaction, not just freq “masking”.
    My conclusion : you just need Catharsis and EQ (may be some additional reverb for ambiance). Or Nebula cabs, for me ;)
    I already erased all my other impulses until i find another single pack to replace Catharsis…but not happened for years.