Xhip Releases A Freeware Effects Bundle


If you’re a fan of freeware VST synths, chances are you already own the great (and yet unfinished) Xhip VST synth.

Xhip compressor is part of Xhip's freeware VST effects bundle.

Xhip compressor is part of Xhip's freeware VST effects bundle.

Well, the developer of Xhip has now pre-released a series of freeware VST effects, and judging by his previous work these are certainly worth a download. The following effects are included in the bundle:

  • clipper
  • compressor
  • gate
  • limiter
  • modulated delay
  • phaser
  • quantizer
  • reverb
  • ringmod
  • tremelo

Note that this is still a pre-release, so if you run into problems or bugs with any of these plugins, you can post a report in this thread on KVR. Here’s a note from aciddose, the developer of Xhip plugins:

I just wanted to mention that this isn’t actually “officially” released yet and is only in testing. So please, please report any bugs or issues including “this parameter should be smoothed” or “can you put an led for X” and things like that.

Audio Demo

Here’s an audio demo of the Xhip compressor:


Download Xhip Effects: click here
Xhip Website: click here

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  1. Excellent free effects from Aciddose, especially the Modulated Delay and the Reverb! I would love to see some saturation, colouring, enhancing effects from Aciddose. And more reverb algos in the Reverb would be very welcome. <3

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