Free Modded Boss DR-55 Samples By Baal-Zebub


DOA member Baal-Zebub has released a free pack containing recordings of his modded Boss DR-55 vintage analog drum machine. Apparently, the mod has allowed him to modify the kick drum envelope, resulting in some unusually long bassy analog sounds.

Here’s more info about the pack:

Some samples from my modded DR-55. There are many mods for the DR-55, but I have only the decay of the kick adjustable. I like it better than the kick from the TR-808. There is no processing at all on these samples, its just the DR-55 pluged directly into the soundcard. The endless samples are the kickdrum circuit selfoscillating.

I’ve posted a link to the original DOA thread below, you will need to scroll down a little though since the link in the first post is dead.

And here’s a neat Youtube video of a Boss DR-55 unit in action, just for fun:



Download Modded DR-55 Samples: click here
Deadsilence Syndicate Website: click here

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