Free Charlie Sheen Samples By KROQ Radio


You’ve probably noticed the Charlie Sheen craze going on around the Web for the past several days. Well now it’s hitting bpb, too.


Some will probably find this a bit silly, but KROQ Radio have released a set of 46 free Charlie Sheen samples, containing various quotes taken from some of his epic interviews.

Ever since his first interview, everything that has come out of Charlie Sheen’s mouth has been magic. So we collected all of his best phrases for you to enjoy.

Download these clips, remix them, then upload them to our dropbox. We’ll be posting the best ones we get.

I love this as I’m always short on vocal samples, and I think that Charlie Sheen is awesome. Bi-Winning!

Get the samples on KROQ Radio, or using the SoundCloud playlist below:

[soundcloud url=””]


Download Free Charlie Sheen Samples: click here
KROQ Radio Website: click here

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