bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Phaser VST/AU Plugins


bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Phaser VST Plugins

This time on bpb Freeware Studio, we’ll be covering the best freeware phaser VST/AU plugins available for Windows and Mac users.

Follow the links for screenshots & download info:

Phase90 is my favorite freeware phaser VST plugin. It’s an emulation of the MXR Phase 90 guitar pedal, fairly easy to use and sounds perfect.

SupaPhaser and UltraPhazer are also great sounding phaser VSTs, for more advanced users who require more tweakability.

You can’t go wrong with Classic Phaser either, it’s part of the Kjaerhus Classic series which means solid sound and low CPU demands.

Oberheim PS-1 is another emulation of a guitar pedal, featured in the SimulAnalog freeware guitar suite.

SupaPhaser by Bram.

SupaPhaser by Bram.

XPHASER is an interesting dual phaser design, with a lovely vintage sound.

As always, feel free to suggest your own favorite freeware phaser VST plugin in the comments section below, or discuss the ones already listed. Many thanks to BPB reader bmovie for suggesting Sanford Phaser!

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  1. This article desperately needs to be updated. Most of the best phasers in this list are old and unmaintained, meaning they can’t be used in a 64-bit DAW without using a 32-bit plugin bridge. A list of the best phaser plugins with 64-bit support would be much more useful.

  2. I’ve found these to be very nice (and free of course):
    Melda MPhaser
    Blue Cat’s Phaser
    Wampler Terraform Univibe

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