KeroVee Freeware Auto-Tune Effect Updated To v1.5!

KeroVee by g200kg.

KeroVee by g200kg.

g200kg has released an updated version of KeroVee, a freeware pitch correction effect in VST plugin format for Windows.

KeroVee is a PitchCorrection plugin that works as a VST effect. You need to use KeroVee.dll with your VST compatible host application. ex) Cubase, Sonar,…

KeroVee is focused to so-called ‘Autotune effect’ or ‘T-Pain effect’, that is robotic but different from the vocoder. KeroVee can mix two independent transposed outputs of pitch-corrector and bypassed output.

The new version features an updated GUI with and added Pitch Graph, improved pitch correction algorithm, a Scale select button and less CPU load.

KeroVee v1.5 is available for free download via g200kg’s website.

Audio Demo

Check out the KeroVee audio demo:

What’s New

New features in KeroVee v1.5:

  • New GUI, with the Pitch Graph.
  • More stable pitch and less artifacts by new PitchDetection/Shifting algo.
  • Less CPU load.
  • Added the Scale select button.


Download KeroVee v1.5: click here
g200kg’s Website: click here

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