Cockos REAPER 4 Released!


Cockos has released REAPER 4! After a long beta test phase, the new version of REAPER – an extremely affordable yet very powerful DAW – is now available for download.

REAPER 4 by Cockos.

REAPER 4 by Cockos.

REAPER 4 introduces a refreshed GUI, MIDI editing improvements, theme layout support, project bay, take lanes and comping, ReaSurround, and more new features!

REAPER updates are evolutionary, not revolutionary. REAPER 4 is not a radically new experience from REAPER 3, but adds a number of useful new features, ease of use improvements, and even more of that legendary REAPER customizability.

Tweak, correct, and mangle audio with pitch envelopes, which can be applied to individual media items. Create fully automated surround mixes with multichannel track metering and the highly flexible ReaSurround plug-in. Apply rotations, transformations, and diffusions, and even automate the positions of the speakers themselves.

Batch rendering wildcards provide sound designers with unprecedented flexibility when generating sound files in bulk. Manage project media and FX with the Project Bay, where you can collect, organize, and edit a list of resources that you are using, or might use, for different types of projects.

REAPER 4 is available for free download via Cockos website. A discounted license is available for $60, while the full license costs $225 (click here for more info on licensing).


Download REAPER 4: click here
Cockos Website: click here

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