CtrlBrk Releases VstBoard, An Open Source VST Host/Plugin For Windows

VstBoard by CtrlBrk.

VstBoard by CtrlBrk.

CtrlBrk has released VstBoard, a free (open-source software) VST plugin host/chainer in VST plugin/standalone format for Windows.

VstBoard is a free, open source, VST host and plug-in. Its main purpose is to allow fast switching between setups and was primarily designed to be used as a guitar multi-fx.

VstBoard is available for free download via Google Code.

Video Demo

Check out the VstBoard demo video:


Main features of VstBoard:

  • Multiple setups per file.
  • Fast switching between setups.
  • Multithreaded.
  • Runs standalone or as a plugin.
  • Free (unrestrained) audio and MIDI routing.
  • Some basic scripting capabilities.
  • Undo/redo, your mistakes, endlessly.
  • Customizable interface (dockable windows, custom colors, zoom, plugins windows size and position).
  • Localized : EngRish and French.
  • Other useless stuff.


Download VstBoard: click here
CtrlBrk Website: click here

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