39 Free Rasta Vocal Samples By Ras Mokko


Producer of Ras Kitchen (a Rastafari/Ital cooking show! :D) has released a set of free rasta vocal samples, featuring the voice of Ras Mokko who is the show host. I’m generally on a lookout for interesting vocal samples and this sample pack is definitely going straight to my sample collection!

Straight from Sunning Hill, Jamaica… Rastafari and Ital cooking show starring Ras Mokko! I produced this Rastafari/Ital style cooking show called RAS KITCHEN, and my friends who make music said “hey this guy says so much awesome sh*t, can you send some samples?”.

The Ras Kitchen vocal sample pack is available for free download right here on BPB (39 vocal samples in total, 20 MB download size). Scroll all the way down the page for your direct download link.

Some pretty cool rasta vocals in this one. You can hear them in action in the SoundCloud tracks embedded below. These vocal samples will work great in your dub tunes, as well as dubstep, DnB, etc.

Demo Video

No proper demo video for this one, but here’s the official Ras Kitchen trailer:

Featured Tracks

Hear the Ras Mokko vocal samples used in tracks submitted by BPB readers:


Massive thanks to everyone who submitted their tracks so far! If you’ve made some music with these samples, leave the SoundCloud link in the comments section and I’ll check it out.


Free Rasta Vocal Samples

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  1. hi ras mokko. really like your show. so anyway i used some of your samples and since i will not be posting any of the versions on my song before the entire free e.p. is finished, here’s an unmastered advanced version. hope you like it. if so just check out my soundcloud page some time around august. i should be finished by then. http://www.sendspace.com/file/tcviwx

  2. bumbaclot means stupid… is commonly used expression by the crew on board of cruise lines where I’m working by the way…

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