31 Tips For Better Sounding Drums By Silverlake Studio


Seriously Loving this! Silverlake Studio has featured a 31-day series of articles discussing various methods of improving your acoustic drum sounds.

For the last 31 days, I provided a tip a day to get better sounding drums. Whether in the studio or playing live, I’ve simply compiled a list of things that I’ve learned over the years (along with some special guest authors) to get those drums & cymbals looking and sounding better. To make things even easier for you, I’ve cataloged the entire blog series below. If you’ve followed along last month, thank you! My hope is that these tips will help inspire you to give those drums & cymbals the love and attention that they deserve.

The articles cover everything from pre-recording preparations and drum kit setup, to some rather useful drum mixing tips. Worth a read for all of us (myslef included) who sometimes get less than expected from our acoustic drum tracks.


31 Free Drum Recording/Mixing Tips: click here

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