Free Dark Ambient Samples By Nick Olman


Nick Olman has released a set of free dark ambient samples and drones, originally made for use in Remixed Destruction online app.

I recently decided to fully release a couple sample sets I had previously created. They were originally made to be used inside an interactive Flash app I developed a year back.

These samples generally sit around 60 seconds and are aimed to provide free-form textures. While each does loop when placed end to end, the WAV files were not created with true loop/BPM information.

If you are interested in using samples of this type, the tracks can be downloaded individually through my Soundcloud account. They are in two sets simply because of time they were released. I plan to add more extension sets in the future as well.

The samples are available for free download via Nick Olman’s SoundCloud (get the links on KVR Forums).

Audio Demo

Check out Nick Olman’s free ambient samples:

[soundcloud url=]


Download Free Ambient Samples: click here
Nick Olman On SoundCloud: click here

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